Jack and Paul really wanted a few drinks but didn't have enough money.
"I have an idea!" says Paul. He takes the money, runs into a supermarket and comes out with a kielbasa sausage.
"Okay here's the plan. We'll go into a bar, order a few drinks and when the bartender asks for the money, I'll pull this sausage out of your pants and suck it. The bartender will be so freaked out he'll kick us out without making us pay." Jack wasn't sure.
"Trust me it will work." Paul reassured so Jake puts the sausage in his pants.
So they go into a bar, order some drinks and down them.
When the bartender askes for the money, Paul kneels down, unzips Jake's fly and starts sucking on the sausage.
"You sick bastards! GET OUT OF MY BAR!" yells the bartender. So they get thrown out.
"See it worked!" says Paul. So they walk into several bars and do this for the whole night.
At midnight, Paul falls on the ground. "Man, my jaw is sore and my knees are killing me!"
"You think that's bad?" says Jack. "I lost the sausage at the second bar."
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