In the Netherlands, parents keep close tabs on their teen's computer usage and schoolwork, but don't object to sleep overs or -gasp- monogamous sexual relationships, giving them ready access to sex information and contraceptives.

"The upshot of all this? Dutch teens are giving birth left and right and plagued by STDs! Oh, no, wait -- the truth is actually the opposite of that. "In 2007, births to American teens (ages fifteen to nineteen) were eight times as high as in the Netherlands," reports Schalet, and the Netherlands generally whoops on the states in terms of STD rates, too. What's more, "it also appears that having sex outside of the context of monogamous romantic relationships isn't as common among Dutch adolescents, especially older ones, as among their American counterparts."

Read the rest of the article HERE.

With 19 million new STD infections each year (and 50% of them occuring in teens) do you think the US will ever get some common sense?
(I'm looking at you, abstinance education!)
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Quite interesting. I have a close friend who is a dutch boy d=
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