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Here's Tommy's bio for all you "Pirate" lovers out there..

You're probably wanting to know a bit about me, so lets start at the begining.
I was born on May 13th in New Jersey.I led a pretty normal life growing up. I was a pretty
hyper kid who needed alot of attention (as we all do at those
ages).  I was small framed and a late bloomer, and had
always asked my mother when will grow up? She would tell me to just be
patient and eat my vegetables.

As I got older, I found that I liked a lot of physical activities like sports , Bmx and
motorcycles. As I entered Highschool, it brought on a whole new chapter
in my life. Now I was the smallest kid in an even bigger school. I
remember during soccer practice we had to run laps past the
chearleading squad. As we passed they would scream out things and carry
on and whistle at us. That made me very nervous and self concious. I
was extremely shy.  Because of this, I avoided girls much of my
highschool years. As much as I had an eye for them, I was to timid to
do anything about it. I remember finding my Fathers girly magazines and
it was from then on I liked girls even more.. alot more.

I can remember my first sexual experience. I was 17, and lost my virginity on a tennis court one night
at one of the neighborhood schools. I was scared to death but dicovered
I loved sex. From that point on, I was hooked. I liked a couple of
girls in school but they wanted nothing to do with me.. they all liked
the football players. I knew I had to do something, so I started
working out.

After graduating, I joined a band and found a shitty job fixing motorcycles. I hated it. I played
with the band for three years, thinking we were going to be stars. We played at some clubs and there
where a lot of girls but  I was still too shy. I had a couple of
odd jobs until one day I heard of a "hot body contest" at a local bar.
I had to try it! I entered. There where a lot of screaming girls
and I loved it! I ended up losing, but I met this guy who said I could
make a lot of money as a male dancer for his group. That lead to the
beginning of a ten year career.

I found myself dancing in night clubs full of hot girls screaming for us. At last, I had found
what I loved! This brought me to touring with various male review
groups around the country and different parts of the world. I even did
a short stint with the Chippendales for a few shows. I also did a lot
of bachelorette parties, talk about crazy! Chicks are worse than guys.
I had my clothes torn off a number of times.

One of my main highlights of my career at that time was when I was a
cage dancer at a local club in Philly and I came up with the innovative
idea that I shared with the owner to start a ladies club, which is now
a leading premier ladies club in Philadelphia called The Cave
I not only danced at the Cave during its' first three years but I also
designed and built the clubs' interior and costume design!

I eventually moved to Florida after an injury that had me wheelchair bound for almost 9 months. I
finally healed up and was dancing again. I remember meeting a girl who
was a stripper. She came into the Club I was working at. We hooked up,
had sex, hung out for a bit then she dissapeared for awhile, until one
day she came back to see me and told me of her trips to Cali to become
a pornstar. I was like what! But then I became intrested .

She brought me out to California with her and I met an number of people including a guy named Brad
Armstrong (he was a big director for Wicked Pictures). We talked for
awhile and I asked him what it would take for me to get into the
business. He said she was my ticket in. I kept in touch with him for
about 4 years,just randomly calling and seeing how things were
panning out. I was so interested in taking this step but I was also
very afraid. It's not like I was running for President or anything like

I hated dancing and being broke so I decided, I'm going to do it. I remember calling up Brad, saying fuck
it what do I need to do? He said you need to come out the Las Vegas
Convention and AVN to meet people. So I did. I went and he introduced
me to a lot of great people..I will always feel indebted to him for
that, and I always remember everyday to set out to set a good example
for myself and the indutsry so that I can show him my appreciation for
his help. After all, I ended up recieving a great reception and a
welcome feeling..I truly felt like I had finally found my home! Among
the people introduced to me was a gentleman named Rick Davis, a
director for CherryBoxxx, who I also feel very fortunate to have met.

I went back to Florida, packed up my shit and drove out to Cali. Brad then gave me my first big
break and put me in my first scene. It was a bj scene with a beautiful
young lady name Cherokee. It went well. She was so nice, and took
me by my hand, and that was how it all started.

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