hello everyone.....yesterday i was chatting online the other day with a guy who like to j/off all over a girls pictures and sent an email  of  the result pictures back covered in his cum.....he kept asking me to send him my face pic for him to personally"decorate"....i have since chatted with other guys who also say they are also into this or have done this...and they in turn were asking me for a picture.........i have to admit that the kinky thought of this made me really wet...this seems to be some sort of new trend in masturbations as a result of so much online chatting?......I will admit that thinkin about a all of these guys all in their own private places masturbating with a pic of me in one hand and a a swollen slippery velvety cock hard in their other hand ready to unload all over my face is a real fantasy like turn on....then to see all that cum all over a pic of my face.....OMG...this is pretty hot/kinky....have any guys heer ever done this or are for real about this? id luv to hear ur thoughts =D

obsessing on the though of this with my vibe

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Wow. Nice description. never even thought of doing this with a woman but I did grow up in the era of dirty magazines so I guess it makes sense.
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freakin' hot! watching any guy cum is such a major turn-on no matter who's face they're aiming for!
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This sounds like a new way to practice 'safe sex'. I do wonder how the post office is gonna feel about getting a bunch of mail that is wet and smells like cum???

Being a little older, I gave up jacking off on pictures a long time ago. Now I have a wife that would much prefer I jack off all over her...
Lovin My Wife...Lovin Life

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hot,hot,hot...i gonna cum right now...
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