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I have always been attracted to anal beads. Even before I ever purchased my first set, there was something alluring about them that always aroused my suspicions. In fact, the 2nd sex toy I ever bought was a set of beads much like the X-10. I like my toys to look good, not just feel good, and it's a visual treat to watch the beads disappear one at a time.

There are some to avoid and others to covet, so let's discuss.

Always steer clear of any beads on a string. Unless the string is coated in silicone like Anna Malle's Power Balls, don't buy them. The string can hang onto bacteria that may not wash off like a non-porus material would allow. So if you have an old set with string - throw them out and upgrade. (now Anna Malle's beads are HUGE for beginners. They might work best vaginally, which can have similar results)

So back to the X-10 beads. There are quite a few with this design, and they're perfect for beginners. They usually have a circular pull tab at one end, then the beads get gradually smaller towards the insertable end. 

Then there's the Felix by Fun Factory. I like that these beads are more oval than spherical, but they are also very pliable. Almost too floppy. But if you want to start with something smooth and easy - these are for you. I've read you could even insert a vibrator into one of the circular eye-holes to transmit some vibrations throughout the first few beads.

Now if you want something a bit more firm, get an Anal Pacifier. They have less beads, but they really make an impact when removing. Some people will wear these like a plug and that's fine too. But the fun part is the removal. We'll get to that...

The Tantus Ripple can be worn on a strap-on harness and used to penetrate your partner comfortably due to its design. It is sleek yet effective. I recommend this for any men who want to try a little backdoor action. It's not phallic and its made of a luscious silicone. The wide base allows for use as a plug during erotic play or as a strap-on attachment.

Ok, so what can you do with these things that's so great? For starters, your anus conatins many, many, many nerve endings and these beads will stimulate them over and over again. Like I stated above, lube yourself up as well as the beads. Begin inserting the beads with pauses inbetween. Relax and enjoy the feeling of the inserted bead. When you're ready, insert the second, pause, enjoy, breathe, insert the 3rd, get the idea. No one says you have to insert them all. Stop where you're comfortable. Continue on with your erotic play - whether you're using a vibrator or dildo on yourself or having full-on intercourse, you should leave the beads in until you're ready to climax.

If you can time it all correctly and have your partner (or yourself) remove them slowly while climaxing, you should have dizzying results. Now, even if you don't use these with an orgasm, you can still appreciate their awesomeness. After they're in and you're ready for more delight, pull the tab gently until the big ones "pops" out. That biggest bead is the ticket. You'll probably clench around the next one, so wait a sec, breathe and pop that second one out. Should start to feel pretty exciting now...

Depending on which you go with (I say get a variety) you'll have different results. But its that "pop" you want to experience to make your anus really crave the next one.

Remember: You always want to lube up your beads as well as your anal opening, so use a thick water based lubricant. And do not use them vaginally if you have used them anally. This is Hygiene-101 and a big no-no. Not to say that these beads can't be used vaginally, because they certainly can. But remember to keep the vaginal beads completely separate from the anal ones.

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P Gell
Pro said: Always steer clear of any beads on a string. Amen to that. I received a set of these, really cheap " sex beads on a string" as a "free gift" a while ago, while ordering from a company I won't name. The Man and I looked at them, and went, "Ew, that's.....string......." It not only could hold on to bacteria, (not to mention staining of the string, NOT nice)  but I'm thinking, Breakage. Not what you want in ANY orifice.

Pro's recommendations are great.
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Hank Alvarez
P Gell and "Pro":
I think we got the same "free gift" from the same folks and admittedly I've got a hard on for them and most of their free gifts have been worth just that. We discarded the beads and later bought something else that came close to the mark but still no cigar. Have you seen something I think was called a "love snake?" At least I think that's what they called it. The box and wrapping are long gone and it's in a box with a lot of other toys that we don't use anymore. It came in a choice of colors. It's a comfortable, pliable, plastic of some kind anal wand with progressively larger connected beads or balls as you get to the bigger end. The only thing I don't like about it is that it doesn't have a flared handle that conforms to the safety specifications of either Hartley or Taormino. It's about ten inches long but with greasy hands I could see it possibly getting lost up there. I think I bought it from the same folks we were talking about. Do you two know about anything similar on the market with a safer handle? Hank
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