So has anybody heard of "LOONING" which supposedly consists of hot chicks playing with balloons? Like "pie sitting" it sounds like bullshit to me but I actually found a website on it here:

Foot fetishism I get it...but balloons? I mean, how does that happen? Did you rub up against the balloon machine at Chuck E. Cheese? Seriously it sounds like people are taking any random object and turning it into a so-called fetish to make a profit. If this does really get you off please correct me if I'm wrong.

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I can't even find a definition for looning on a google search which tells me it probably doesn't even exist but of course you can use a hot chick to sell anything, even a non-existant fetish. Maybe I can get my girlfriend and her friends to pose suggestively with spatulas and start my own site.! "Hot SPATULATING action for the discriminating SPATULIST"

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According to my virus scanner, that site's a good way to get at least one virus attached to your computer. That's probably what the site is REALLY for.
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Balloon fetishism is a sexual fetish in which a person has an unusual fascination of, or pertaining to, balloons, which provides sexual arousal or stimulation. Many persons with this fetish casually refer to themselves as looners (from Ballooners). The fetish itself varies greatly from person to person, some people enjoy only the act of inflation itself or viewing members of their desired sex inflating balloons, while others enjoy the act of popping by various means, while yet others simply find stimulation in the color, clarity, smell, tactile sense, sound, and movement of the balloon itself. There are several known female balloon fetishists, however the vast majority is made up of men.

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