Sue Johanson's Super Head Honcho is awful. First of all,
before I complain about the product itself, a word or two about
the promotional blurb for it on the TabuToys web site. It says
"The Head Honcho was voted 'Toy of the Year' by Sue Johanson

Oh really? Sue Johanson viewers tried ALL the different products
on the market, and then decided that this one was the best? I don't
believe that for a second. It would cost hundreds (if not thousands)
of dollars for someone to buy each of the different toys and test
them. The average Sue Johanson viewer is not able to do that, so
the manufacturer's claim is preposterous.

Now to the sex toy itself. This is nothing more that a cheap rubbery
petroleum sleeve. It feels OK -- but nothing like a mouth or a pussy.
You can't even control it well. It flops out of your hand.

So why is Sue Johanson endorsing this stupid product? I'll tell
you why. Because she is a SELL OUT. I'd like to know how much
money she gets from the sale of each of these!

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Thanks for the advice. I'm glad that more men are contributing reviews here.
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Hank Alvarez
It looks like a masturbation sleeve and I haven't found any of those to be anything more than a disappointment. I used to get them as freebies from one of Tabutoys biggest competitors and I found that anything they give you for free is worth just that.

In all fairness to the gal who promoted it, she might have done it with the best of intentions but if she doesn't have a dick how would she know?. I'll trust reviews on girl toys from girls and I would trust the opinions of men on toys for boys a lot more. I'll bet there are a lot of our members that are grateful for the heads up. Hank
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dude tanks for info..i have FL. and it's great sex toy
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