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lifted with care from Naughty Secretary: Tales of Debauchery

They kiss on the large bed in the center of the room as his hands wander over her familiar curves and secret places. Watching them move, looking at their mannerisms, you could tell they had been married for quite some time. They were synced, and I was spellbound as I watched each pleasure the other in the dimly lit room. I sat in the shadows, still, a voyeur, ready for everything to be burned into my brain. She removed his clothing quickly, stealthily, his thick cock bobbing as she took him into her mouth. Bliss spread over his face as she traveled up and down his length slowly over and over again. He moaned as he withdrew his cock from her mouth and simultaneously pushed her back on the bed, plunging his tongue into her, eagerly sucking at her clitoris and sodden cunt. She writhed with pleasure under him as he licked her into a frenzy, his tongue buried inside her, thrusting into her, fucking her into a quivering mess while his thumb brushed at her clitoris. It wasn’t long before she was coming hard, her legs wrapped around his face with her head thrown back in ecstasy.

It was no surprise that watching another couple fuck had lit the fire to my own arousal. My pussy ached for attention; it was full and wet, waiting to be used. My nipples were as hard as bullets, and the hair on the back of my neck stood on end as I watched them both look my way. Their eyes sparkled with mischief as their outstretched arms beckoned me closer. I hesitated only a moment before standing and walking to them, both still naked and tangled on the bed. My heart felt like it was going to burst out of my chest.

“We think you should join us.” With no invitation, she went about unbuttoning my shirt as his hand slid up my skirt to caress my naked thighs and arse.

“That may not be such a good idea,” I protested softly as she continued to work at my front while kissing my neck. My words soon stopped as her lips felt gloriously soft grazing over my skin. He had managed to deftly slip off my thong, and was working at taking off my heels. I felt dizzy with lust as my senses careened into overdrive. I sat down on the bed as he picked up my legs, swinging them onto the comforter. She removed my shirt completely and gently eased me back against the plush of the pillows. In an instant both of their mouths were on me while their hands caressed over every inch of my skin. I moaned loudly, my back arching as he slipped my skirt off completely. Her hands unhooked my bra and it joined my skirt on the floor. Before I had a chance to think, I was naked on the bed with them. Brimming with bewilderment, I considered the fact that I was about to fuck a married couple.

He buried his head between my legs, and licking my clitoris, slid two fingers into me, coaxing a louder moan than my first. She circled my nipples with her mouth, her tongue flickering over each sensitive peak. I kissed her passionately as her husband continued to lick and suckle at my cunt. I also longed to taste her delectable pussy. I whispered in her ear, and within seconds she had mounted me and was wriggling and moaning, sitting on my face as I buried my tongue deeply inside her silken folds. I found her clitoris as she found mine, an overload of electric sensation pulsing through my pussy and rolling into every part of me. Together, they fed off me as I continued to pleasure her with my mouth, my tongue slipping into her tight, soft cunt and then dragging over her clitoris repetitiously. Their mutual pleasuring finally became too much, and writhing under her, my climax quickly washed over me. That was enough to send her spiraling into her second climax, her delicious pussy mashing fully against my mouth. Finally, she sunk into the mattress beside me, a smile of satisfaction glowing on her face. I rolled over to face her, my head in my hand, elbow resting beside her.

“That was rather wicked of you, just taking what you wanted like that,” I stated and smiled.

“I know.” Her directness was punctuated by the gleam in her eyes. I heard her husband grunt and laugh behind me.

“She can be like that.” His voice was smooth and low, his accent unmistakable. It sounded exactly as it had on the phone.

“Yes, I can be like that. For instance, I think I’ve been rather greedy having two orgasms. And I think now it’s time for me to watch my husband fuck you.” As soon as the words leave her mouth, I feel his large hands on my arse, his cock nuzzling between each cheek. In one fluid stroke, he pushes his thickness into me, forcing a gasp from my lips. I open my eyes to see the familiar look of desire painted all over her face once again. She watches my every move as he fucks me from behind, back and forth, back and forth, her smile broadening with each one of his slow and deliberate strokes. His hands grip onto my hips while her hands are on my breasts, rubbing and pinching at my nipples. She kisses me on my neck and mouth, our tongues meeting, lips nibbling the other as we press our bodies together, breast to breast. I’m so turned on I can feel the ache in my throat, and every part of me feels like it’s on fire. I moan into her mouth as I rub my mound against hers. She’s soaking wet.

“I think it’s time for me to watch.” I raise her leg slightly, exposing her beautiful pouting lips, and her husband takes the visual cue. He withdraws from me, and slides his cock into her pussy while I’m half laying on top of her, kissing her bountiful breasts. Her facial expression immediately changes when she’s full of cock, she’s someplace else as her eyes flutter shut. I kiss her face and neck while he takes her, her sighs filling my ears to the beat of their rhythmic motion. He fucks her with long strokes as he grabs at my arse and kneads my flesh. He withdraws once again and slips back into me, and with a long grunt he continues to pound into my eager pussy, his cock slippery from her. With a dozen strokes or so, he enters her, then me, her, then me, until the sensation is too much for any of us to bear, the three of us grabbing at flesh, moaning and panting in heated unison.

“I want you to come, I want you to come all over his cock and then it’s my turn.” Her voice is raspy and barely above a hiss when my orgasm breaks through me in waves, and I come screaming in between them. He withdraws from me and enters her with urgency as my climax subsides, her arms wrapping around me as she shudders into her own burst of pleasure. He grunts as he comes and withdraws from her, exploding over both of us in streams, his seed spilling warmly onto my back. After a few seconds he slumps down on the bed beside us, the three of us completely spent and in a heaping mess. Minutes pass in recovery before the silence is broken.

“I always knew three was my favorite number.” She winks at me and giggles, and I can’t help but laugh along with her sassiness.
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