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$pread Blog features Three Naked Ladies every Wednesday. This week, they talk about their first experiences stripping and working laps and poles. It must be mortifying if you've never done anything like it before and their first hand accounts are witty and fun to read.

Some snips:

'It was truly horrific. I didn’t know how to dance. Three customers walked away the minute they saw me. I didn’t dare let go of the pole, I knew I’d wipe out. I was up there for three songs and the only tip I got was from a guy who said, “I’m only giving you this dollar ’cause I feel sorry for you.” If there was ever a moment in my life I wanted to die of shame, that was it.'

'The dancers just laughed at me. I had no idea most girls went out there in a bikini or minidress. They tried to get me to at least lose the cardigan but I almost started crying, saying I had to wear the outfit I’d practiced in or I’d forget my routine! After that they left me alone, but they teased me about it for months after I got hired.'

'It was great… until the manager yelled “Let’s see some floor work! Pretend you’re on top.” I was 17! I’d never been on top. So there I was, a chubby teenager doing naked push ups in front of strangers.'

read the whole article called Fresh Meat, here

Have any of our readers ever danced before? Tell us your first time stories in the comments!
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