Hey Everyone! This is my first post. I have been on here for a while reading posts, and I have finally decided to do my own.

I am probably the "way too open about your sex life" type. I am so comfortable with it that I even started a blog!

So in advance, my posts will probably be very detailed!!

So tell me, how comfortable is too comfortable? And how comfortable are you?
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It totally depends on your audience. I've noticed people are more open than I expected and I'm pretty open but.. there are situations when discretion it called for.
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Hank Alvarez
I have to back up Adriana on this one. Discretion can often be the greater part of valor and you really have to judge your audience carefully if you care what they think about you. We still have a society plagued with double standards and something you say around one group might be taken badly by another. I hate to admit it but when you mention sexual matters around a lot of people they simply freeze up.

At my age, being semi-retired, I think I can get away with a lot of stuff I wouldn't have dared to a few years ago and certainly not when I was a full time high school teacher as it would have started a witch hunt. The worst they'll think about me now is that I'm just a crazy dirty old man. And yet there are some groups I wouldn't even discuss sex with. I think you can be frank and honest here, within reason. If you say something outlandish we're liable to say you're full of shit but then again we don't really know who you are. Hank 
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