Rosy Glow
1.Be realistic.
When purchasing a dildo for yourself, don’t let your eyes be bigger than your orifice. To get an idea of how much you can comfortably handle, test drive a cucumber or zucchini, whittle it if need be till you get the right proportions, then measure the length and circumference. Put a condom on the vegetable for added protection.

2.Watch your ass.
If you want to use a dildo for anal pleasure, be sure it has a flared base big enough to keep it from disappearing up your ass permanently. Seriously, you don’t want to get something stuck up there and have to go to the ER.

3.Guard against germs.
If you’re sharing the dildo with a partner, or using it in more than one orifice (e.g., the vagina and the ass), either clean and disinfect the dildo thoroughly between insertions, or use condoms on it and change them between insertions to avoid passing STDs or germs that can cause infections.

4.Use water-based lube.
Don’t use oil- or petroleum-based lubricants (like Vaseline or Crisco) if your dildo is made of rubber or Cyberskin; use a water-based lube (like Astroglide). Greasy stuff will cause rubber dicks to disintegrate.

5.Keep it clean.
Clean your dildo after every use by washing with mild antibacterial soap and hot water, or use a disinfectant sex toy cleanser. Sticky dildos can breed germs and attract dust and dirt that can cause infections.

6.Strap it on.
For no-hands fucking with a partner, use a strap-on dildo. There are strap ons that are suitable for use by women, as well as men who want to enhance or maintain an erection.

7.Double up.
For dildo fun with a friend, try a double dong. A double dong will allow you both the pleasure of dildo penetration either anally or vaginally. Women can also use flexible double dildos for double penetration.

8.Ride that dong.
To fuck yourself and really grind on that dick, get a dildo with a suction cup base that you can attach to the wall, shower tiles, floor or other smooth surface. Some people also stabilize their dildos by bracing the base with pillows.

9.Get a buzz.
A vibrating dildo or multifunction vibrating dildo can provide extra stimulation along with penetration. These vibrators can also be used externally on the vulva, clitoris, or penis and testicles for masturbation.

10.Avoid damage.
A tiny nick on the surface of a jelly rubber, silicone, or Cyberskin dildo will turn into a big tear that will ruin the toy. Take care to keep your dildo away from any sharp or pointy objects or abrasive surfaces and prolong its life by storing in a box or protective cloth or bag when not in use.
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