You know what I'd like to see? Maybe I'm just a little lazy (or spoiled by my sex-toy reviewer friends) but I just feel more comfortable buying products when I can see that others have tried it and like it. Adding a review system to your site would really help. It wouldn't even have to be difficult. You could just possibly link to some of the current reviews that have been done on the product by some of your other customers. Or just make a small script that allows people to rate it through 5 stars with a little amount of text.

I mean, I know I COULD go google the toys to look up the reviews that way, but it's nice to know that the buyers here enjoy the toy. Not the buyers at xyz.com.

Edit: I also see that you guys carry Queen-size lingerie. (Which is amazing, and I thank you tons!) I'd like to know if there's a possible way you could get some queen-size gowns that just aren't so...short. Maybe below-the-knee length but still possibly sheer.
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Tabu Toypro
Thanks again for your feedback! Will pass the info to our buyers for ya on the lingerie. Also - great suggestion on the reviews. We do post some here, but not everyone looks in the forums when they are browsing through dozens of toys at a time.

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P Gell
I think a review option is great! I know I have made purchases (all kinds of things) or not based on other people's reviews. I also like to review products myself.  I think it would be an amazing addition to the site.
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Hank Alvarez
P Gell:

I think we can get a lot more honest reviews here in the Forum than what you find on line published by vendors. I know that when I buy something and enjoy it I want to tell my friends but if it's something I disliked I feel obligated to tell them. Hank 
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Now thats a big toy Never seen one of them before my new Fairbanks now looks like a dinky toy
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