Not entirely sure if this belongs here, and howdy since I'm new, but here's the list of toys I'd like to make sometime.
1)a real glass sculpture anal dildo. course it'd be smooth and such.
2)a body tickling, mostly foot, and water jet 'thing'..not sure a strap-down table or what.
3)a pair of erotic animal, tickling and vibrating slippers(seeing a theme yet?)
4)some kind of sleeve to slide my dick in and out. i think a thin PVC tubing, condom, pumpkin guts, another condom, is the right order for a good one..but can these be stored for long times? i need something to hide from my parents
5)i had a fifth, i'll get back with it

yes i'm new here. oh well. remote controlled on the machinery is nice, think i can get that, it's just..anyone have ideas on making these?
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Tabu Toypro
I'll take the 5th.

Ammendment, that is.
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Hank Alvarez
I hate to say it, but look in the store here, they've probably already got 'em. Why reinvent the wheel unless you see something you could make a significant improvement on. Then I'm sure the manufacturer would be happy to cut a deal with you. Hank
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5th seems nice.. 
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Alright, the 3rd one is the one I didn't find. Anyone got a link or ideas?
Yes, thread necro =p
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