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Would you use a foreign-made condom because it was cheaper than an American-made condom? I know, you’re probably thinking, “Wait, does it matter where my condoms are made?” Perhaps. There was a time when the “Made in America” stamp on a condom box meant its contents were high quality and would perform their function. But the federally-funded United States Agency of International Development, which has distributed an estimated 10 billion condoms overseas, recently chose to replace its contract with Alatech, a condom manufacturer in Alabama, with manufacturers in China and Korea. The overseas condom makers can sell their product to USAID for 2 cents, whereas Alatech sells its condoms for 5 cents. The change came after Congress omitted “buy American” language from a recent appropriations bill. This switch threatens 300 jobs in Eufala, Alabama where Alatech is located, but could it also give the people USAID is trying to help a false sense of security?

Let’s face it, Chinese manufacturers haven’t had the best track record in recent years. Pet food, toothpaste, toys, and drywall exported from China have had problems, making Americans wary of the “Made in China” label. So should we expect a recall of Chinese condoms in the future? USAID says no because condoms made in China are just as durable as U.S.-made condoms.

But condom industry insiders disagree. A consultant to the condom industry, who has worked for Alatech, said China is “learning” to make better condoms, but their products are “notoriously suspect.” He added that China doesn’t have the high level of integrity that Alatech has developed over the years. Even Chinese condom manufacturers have admitted that Chinese buyers have complained about their county’s condoms, saying the condoms were too thick and low quality. Americans have also had complaints about Chinese-made condoms. AIDS groups in Washington, D.C. passed out free Chinese-made condoms in 2007. The condoms had unreadable expiration dates, and the groups alleged that just tearing open the package damaged the condoms.

Do you check where your condoms are made or the expiration date? Are you hesitant to use condoms made in China? Should the government have a responsibility to buy American whenever possible?

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Hank Alvarez
Why, as American taxpayers, are we paying the freight on this program to bring birth control to the rest of the world and  maybe curb the aids epidemic and we're not even distributing condoms made in the USA? Chinese and Korean condoms? Haven't we had enough of their crap? How much lead do they have in them? Does that mean the children who will be conceived when they break will have brain damage from the lead and other heap toxic chemicals they'll use to undercut us? God, this infuriates me! I thought Letteman was kidding when he said they were laying off 300 people at a condom factory in Alabama but that was just part of the story. I think we need to raise hell with every legislator we can corner. This is another example of us being sold out by the clowns we elected to protect us. I think this really sucks. What do you think? Hank 
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I think it sucks but I'm not surprised. I don't vote for these clowns but apparently many people do!
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