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Two stories from Carnal Nation about the UK. In one place, cops are going after tart cards, which are cards left in phone booths promoting escort services. Yet they have also said they will not be cracking down on sexual activity (usually male on male) in a wooded area, called a lay-by (I know there's a joke in here!) because it's not illegal.

I guess they're ok with sex for free, just not sex for pay. But apparently, prostitution is legal in Britain, but pimping and running a brothel are not. The offense can lead to a maximum of 14 years in the pokey!


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And the Wooded Sex piece

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is it not that prostition is only leagal in certain areas n the prostitutes have to be in a certain area of the town n get checked too?

also pimping and brothels are illeagal as pimps can force woman into prostitition and its only leagal if that woman/tranny or whoever is willing to do it for money i think lol

dunno for sure just wot ive always thought lol
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