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Having retired as a  psychiatrist, I have run into many situations that related back to mental sexual dysfunctions.

I have offered suggestions of usage of personal toys as well as other vehicles for pleasure during some of my sessions. The laws prohibited me from selling toys or aides. I did have several toys to show and suggest their usage to both female and male patients.

I found most cases related back to childhood and sexuality being a topic parents did not discuss with the pre-adult aged children being it religion, morals or other reasons. I also found smaller cities, villages, towns and country living patients were more discomforted by these topics. Whereas larger city patients were more able to discuss the issues.

The availability of pleasuring devices were not available as they are today.

Most female patients had a reservation relating and discussing this pleasure with me due to misinformation or lack of knowledge. Believe it or not, most male patients also had a hard time with this discussion too.

However, 75% of the time after discussions, the patient would purchase or lets say find a suitable toy and would become more willing to discuss self pleasure with me after they had used their new friend.

I believe the lack of knowledge presented during their rearing years, is why adults find this a subject most difficult to discuss or indulge into.


What kinds of toys did you find helpful in your practice? I imagine you might have raised some eyebrows in the rural areas, especially if you practiced pre 70's.
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