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The Obama administration has inserted language into the federal jobs web site explicitly banning employment discrimination based on gender identity. Civil liberties and gender rights groups welcomed it on Tuesday as the clearest statement yet by the Obama administration that such discrimination in the federal workplace would not be accepted.

This after he appointed Amanda Simpson, a transgendered woman, as senior technical advisor at the Commerce Department. Now, Amanda isn't the 1st transgendered appointee for Obama. In late 2008, that honor went to Senior Policy Adviser Diego Sanchez.

It's great to see that the issue of discrimination against gender is being addressed and brought into the limelight. Of course, we can expect the ignorant to make jokes and oppose including gender identity as a category for protection. But I hope it opens the door for more frank and realistic conversations about the harsh reality of the fear and hatred against the "T" community.
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Awesome. For those unfamiliar, USAJobs is the site which lists gov't contracting jobs and contractors obviously are many and work closely with the military in some aspects.
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