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I guess you missed the douching with Lysol post a while back..
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Hank Alvarez
In defense of the smelly pussy, it's not always a matter of hygiene. I dated a girl in college who was very clean but had a terrible odor down there and she was prone to B. O. like guys after exercising. They found out years later that she had some real serious hormonal issues and I also understand she later had a hysterectomy. I don't know if that was related to it but perhaps a visit to your friendly OB/GYN would be in order if bathing doesn't do it. Certainly that would be better than the embarrassment. Hank
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the_end wrote:

why does everyone have to hate on women? have you ever smelled balls? if a guy has been sweating at work all day and then comes home and wants a blow job do you know how nasty his balls smell? its gross.

Amen! And not all American women have smelly pussy's.  Alot of women in other cultures don't even use soap for Christ's sake when they bathe!!! Not to mention, shaving (armpits, legs, etc.)....and I respect that because thats their culture.  But what do I know, I'm just an American woman....
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"Ideally a vagina should have NO smell. That's the point of cleaning
it before sex. "

Um, all vaginas have a natural smell that varies from woman to woman and throughout her cycle. Truly foul odors usually mean either a lack of showering (by lack I mean once a week or less) or a bacterial infection. Oh, and washing your vagina with Noxema? Bad idea. I wouldn't recommend that to any woman. In fact, barring any infections, just simple water is enough to freshen up internally. Any sort of soap or cleanser, no matter how supposedly gentle, can throw off your pH balance and cause an infection.

Oh, and can we just do away with all scented pads and tampons? Fragrance is bad for a vagina and it's not supposed to smell like flowers there anyway! Why do we still have such hatred for the natural smell and conditions of the vagina? It's depressing and irritating.
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