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We put a lot of pressure on the men to buy something for the women in their lives, but I rarely hear of what women do for their men. Have you ever bought your boyfriend or husband a sex toy for Valentine's Day? If not, what kinds of gifts have you gotten for the man in your life?

Maybe it's a good time to pick up a prostate stimulator or even a masturbator for him. Vibrating cockrings like the BO can also be used on a dildo, or you could show him that you're in charge this Valentine's Day with a Sexy 7 Piece Restraint kit.

Guys, what kinds of Vday gifts have you gotten that you really liked? (Other than the rise you get when she puts on her Vday lingerie)
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Sad as it may seem, I usually get a card for V-day...thats all, nothing else...
Lovin My Wife...Lovin Life

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Hank Alvarez
For what it's worth I bought the Men's water proof pleasure wand else where before it was available here and I love it. You can play with it together or solo when your honey is out of town. HHH
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