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We've only got a handful of days left before Valentine's Day! Even if you have no plans, aren't you giving a little gift? You realize it's this Sunday right? Need some help?

If you're not having an intimate affair, pick up some goodies that a group could appreciate. If you're going out for dinner, a party or drinks, bring along a couple of packages of X-Rated Candy Hearts. Didn't we all love these as a kid? This is the adult version with sayings like "Suck My Dick" "Lick My Pussy" and the ever-popular "Let's Fuck". Here's a link to more adult candy.

If the lady in your life is all about organics, you must get something from the Intimate Organics line. They have sugar scrubs, foot lotions, body lotions, clitoral gels, anal sprays and a water based lubricant. Everything is 100% vegan and the aromatic quality of their products is nothing short of delicious. Personal fave is Lemongrass/Coconut.

If you've always wanted to kink things up with your sweetie but we're sure how to go about it, use Valentine's Day as the perfect excuse. Get a playful item that has bondage tendancies like some furry cuffs, reuseable bondage tape or some Suction Cup Shower and Tub Cuffs .

If you already know she's a lingerie lady, we have that too! You can't go wrong with a simple black chemise or a flirty red babydoll. Add some bedroom shoes and you've got a recipe for a fun night.

And of course we have toys! If you're getting her a toy - go for the luxury ones - just do it.   

If you order now, you can use the discount code "sweet tweet" for 15% off! Hurry! Ends sooooon!
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