I need some help with some last minute planning because
I just found out my girlfriend will be flying in for the weekend.
I know I could do flowers and candy and all the usual stuff but
I'd rather do something extra special. Any suggestions? Do women
really want flowers? Do I have to buy her lingerie? Should I take
her out somewhere nice or cook?

Your suggestions are appreciated.
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Flowers are fabulous, chocolates are great. Lingerie can be iffy. If you buy the lingerie too small, she may feel self conscious and it could ruin the holiday. If you buy it too large, she may feel that you think she's bigger than she is. Buy her some panties, one for every day of the week- make sure to go through her drawer and check out brands and what sizes those brands are. Wrap them up with tissue paper and satin ribbons.

Another thing is books- a great read is a fabulous thing. It could be a book full of photographs with a love or romance theme, something along the Kama Sutra route, or a fun book like Tickle His Pickle or a "How to" guide that's very femme feeling so she doesn't feel like you're trying to push sexual techniques on her.

Make a mix cd and have it playing for her- draw her bath and put floating candles and fake flower petals in it. When she's out of the bath have something like the Treasure Trove gift tin http://www.tabutoys.com/Catalog/ProductDetails.asp?productid=1466 out and waiting for her. A nice massage will go a long way. Make sure to have some candles burning, the Bwarm massage candle looks incredibly romantic as it both sets the mood and gives way to a great massage.

As far as dinner goes- the restaurant you went to on a first date may bring back extra special memories, or perhaps you could stay in and cook together. Being together in the kitchen may be incredibly intimate.. or she may feel like it's work. Check out the best places to go that are within your price range. My husband is planning on taking me to Bonefish Grill (its a chain but doesnt feel like one) and they always do something extra special for V-day guests.
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Thanks for your response. I feel a little less confused now.
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Hank Alvarez
What does your honey like? Mine likes music. Flowers and chocolates are great but they can't compete with her favorite tunesmiths. That and a bottle of dry brut champaign and I'm golden. Hank
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