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Due to a vendor issue, we've been out of the Mystic Wand for weeks months. But never fear, it is back and if you grab one soon, you can take advantage of the free 3-day shipping deal!

This toy, even though it is battery operated, is my absolute favorite toy of the moment. The power is intense, the size is just right and it is not heavy at all, even loaded with batteries. It's pretty quiet for a hardcore vibrator, but certainly not silent. It's got those pulsing and escalating functions but honestly - I think if you want power, you ignore those settings. Settings one, two and three are all you'll need. In fact, if you make it to three, tell me about it, because setting 2 can knock your socks right off.

The head has flexibility so you can grind it, press it, squeeze it between your get the idea. And it's Vibratex so you know it is quality and it will last. Enough said. I need a break!
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P Gell
I'm vacillating between this and the Hitachi. Decisions....
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