I am looking for a pair of vibrating panties or a wireless remote butterfly for my fiance I'v been looking at a bunch online I want one that will turn her on and tease her but quite enough for her to wear when we go out. I have looked at a bunch including the Wild Exotics Remote Control Panty Tiger, the Astrea I Vibrating Pantie and the Astrea II Vibrating Pantie. The little reviews iv seen for each of these are mixed but mostly bad I just want someone with experience to help me pick something out that I know she will love that I can control please help.
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Tabu Toypro
Hi Pangsta,

In my opinion, the Wild Exotics is a bit bulky but works well.

I like the size of the Venus Butterfly but the range is only 15 feet. Most others are a standard 30 feet. (Plus we're currently out of stock but if you call us, we can put you on backorder)

What you really want is the WE-vibe for ultimate effectiveness (hits all the right spots) but it isn't remote controlled. It has a tiny switch under the skin which just slides over. It's easy enough for you to do but your partner wouldn't be able to control it remotely.

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