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(ed note - HOT story!!)

By Tierney Latham on • Aug 5th, 2009 • Category: Erotica, Lead Story

“Say Uncle,” the older one cried as he pinned the other man to the gleaming hardwood floors of her loft.

The older one, her hunky bisexual boyfriend, was sitting on the other’s chest with his knees pressing down on his arms. “Go ahead, say it,” he said, finally hearing the word he was waiting for. Then, “I win.”

The older one leaned down then and covered the mouth of his combatant, taking things to the next level.

She was enjoying this little scuffle of theirs, all the more so since they were both naked, with hard-ons to light up the night sky. What a good idea she’d had to suggest her boyfriend invite one of his clubbing buddies up for a romp. All for her pleasure, plus apparently, more than a little of their own.

She had asked him before how it was different, making love to a man versus a woman. “It’s rougher – more like two animals,” he had said. She wanted to see for herself.

When the younger one had arrived at her loft earlier that night, she knew right away this was inspired. He shimmied out of his jeans and already his thick cock was arching upward. He was slight and a little androgynous, but his cock reminded her of one on a horse, too big for his coltish body. She could imagine making quick work of it but had already been warned that the young one wasn’t interested in girls.

Her boyfriend displayed his elegant, tapering version that looked more like a Roman column.

They started out pulling off each other’s T-shirts, tugging them over their heads with a shake, revealing glistening chests – one lean and toned, the other muscular and bulked up.

Her boyfriend reached around to the back of the younger one’s neck and pulled him to him. He stopped with his face just inches from the other’s for a split second before opening his mouth wide and yanking the other’s mouth to his. It looked more like devouring than kissing.

She went over to turn on some music and hit “Paradise by the Dashboard Light.” She wasn’t sure of the choice; it sounded kind of boy-girl. But as the two men started swaying together to the beat, her boyfriend turning the younger one around and pulling that lissome back and ass into the curve of his crotch, she couldn’t help but notice the song’s words:

“Ain’t no doubt about it, we were doubly blessed /’Cause we were barely 17 and we were barely dressed.”

How doubly blessed her boyfriend was – to enjoy the pleasures of both men and women.

From behind, he reached his hands around to the younger one’s chest, grabbing his nipples and tugging them. Then, starting at the nape of his neck, he ran his tongue down the man’s spine, ending in the dewy small of his back. He paused there, caressing the orbs of the younger one’s buttocks.

Who better than a gay guy to be an ass man.

The younger one then pulled away and reached over to his jeans, now crumpled on the floor, pulling out a condom. He placed the package between his teeth and turned to the older one mockingly.

“Oh, now you’re getting cocky, huh?” said the boyfriend. “You’re lucky I even chose you tonight from that crowd. There were a lot of hot guys checking me out. It’s just chance I picked you, you stuck-up prick.”

“Yeah? Then how come I felt your eyes on my ass the whole evening – glued there, every move I made on the dance floor?”

“You think that’s what I was doing, huh,” said the other with a big grin on his face, grabbing the younger one around his narrow hips and tackling him to the floor. “Maybe I’d just never seen someone wiggle their butt so much when they tried to dance.”

Then they were on each other, laughing, legs wrapping every which way, almost crashing into the coffee table as they tumbled together. She had to resist stopping them. After all, no one was going to get hurt.

Then, “Uncle,” and the fighting turned into kissing. She moved to the platform bed nearby to watch.

Her boyfriend looked down at his vanquished foe, bent the younger one’s legs up in the air and pulled them on either side of him. He knelt between them, pausing there a second, and locked eyes with his prey. He grabbed the condom and opened it with his teeth, smoothing it onto his cock with a squeeze of something from a tube as if he were presenting a short piece of performance art.

Then in one motion, he slammed his cock into the younger one, who arched his back and groaned loudly. He barely had time to catch his breath before he was pounded again and again.

She could see the younger one’s engorged fire hose jutting up. She got wet just looking at it, and her cunt throbbed watching the two men slam together. It was all she could do to keep from rubbing herself.

Her boyfriend tilted the younger one’s ass up closer to him and pulled himself further between the other’s legs, thrusting harder and faster. Sweat was dripping from his chin now and the air held the damp scent of men. They were grunting together like a runaway train chugging out of control.

Then, just when she expected a crash, her boyfriend pulled out. He tugged the younger one up and, digging his elbow into the other’s back, flipped him over onto his stomach. They meshed together, two matching curves on the floor. The boyfriend pulled up the other’s hips and maneuvered himself between his cheeks. He resumed the rhythm then, but it was more sensual, a sinuous wave that pulsed through both their bodies at once, rising in frequency until her boyfriend stretched his upper body up and away from the other in a gasp toward the ceiling, while the younger one buried his face in the rug with a moan.

It was over. Before she knew what was happening, the younger one had pulled on his jeans and shirt and was heading to the door. “Next time,” he said on the way out.

Her boyfriend came over to her then – standing at the foot of the bed still naked, still half-erect. He started crawling up her body.

“Take me like you did him,” she said. “Rough, I mean, like an animal.”

“I don’t need to take you like a boy. I want to take you like a woman,” he said.

She spread her legs and lifted them into the air. “How about a little of both?”
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I kind of find the implication that straight sex can't be animalistic a bit insulting and rather juvenile. The story is very well written but that bothered me, especially that it was reiterated at the end. I'm a woman. I want that kind of sex more than I was the girly kind and if I were in her shoes and he declined, I'd be out the door.
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Tabu Toypro
Apparently he doesn't wrestle with her or play-fight before sex like he did with his male partner. You really have to communicate what you want and I think she did at the end.

Sadly, some people just plow on with their routine sex and it may leave one partner completely unsatisfied. But without telling your partner you want animalistic sex, straight or otherwise, they may never know.
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