is it ok to have sex in water?  Like a lake, or a pool, or a hot tube, anything where you are totaly covered in water.
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Sex in water is a good thing. Once upon a time, I had a hot tub (this was PD - pre-Dreamer). Having sex in said hot tub was a pretty common occurance. She would use the jets on the bottom as a way to get herself going.

My big summer project is putting in an above ground pool. Dreamer has already started buying new summer bikini's that are easy to take off, move aside, etc. Her plans are coming together nicely. Now where did I leave my damn shovel?
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Hank Alvarez
    To be on the side of caution, you might want to talk to your doctor. One told me it was very dangerous for the woman as water doesn't compress and you could do some damage to her. I didn't tell him that my girl friend at the time and I had just burned up two scuba tanks fucking underwater off Eagle Reef at Catalina Island. And it attracted a lot of fish. That might have just been young dumb lick on our part though. You might want to check it out with her gynecologist.
    As an after thought, B. J's and cunnilingus are great in a pool or hot tub if you have good breath holding skills and I don't think there's any danger there. Hank
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Tabu Toypro
People do it - I don't know how, but they do. My suggestion is silicone lubricant because it'll stay on longer, other than that I have nothing else to add...anyone else?
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P Gell
My Man got a blow job in our jacuzzi tub this morning. But, we've found intercourse is much more difficult. Things are slippery which aren't supposed to be, and things are not slippery which are supposed to be. We found water washes off natural female lubrication and makes penetration painful. That's just us. We usually mess around, (or he gets a BJ) in the tub, and then we to to bed for the rest.

I've never heard it was dangerous if the water was clean. I once got a hideous urinary tract infection just from swimming and My Man and I just playing around a little sexually in a rather dirty lake. Ug, it was awful. I bled and was in pain for days! I am sure it was a combination of the filthy lake and the lack of lubrication, though. Silicone is the only lube which usually stays put in water. (And without thinking, we went skinny dipping in the same lake, in the middle of the night years later. Some people don't learn....)

Women DO need to be careful  around hot tub and Jacuzzi Jets which shoot air along with the water with their vaginae . A woman can get an air embolism (and at least from clinical reports a heart attack or stroke or lung embolism is possible)  if too much air gets into her vagina, especially if she is pregnant and the walls of the female organs are more vascular. It IS rare when not pregnant, but I turn off the air part of our Jacuzzi jets, if we're gonna use them for sexual stimulation.

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