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"Watersports" is a euphemism for pee play, or play with urine in a sexual setting. Some refer to it as "golden showers," but the technical term for it is urolagnia. Though uncommon, pee play is something that many people have a curiosity about, and like many curiosities can be explored in a perfectly safe manner. It is not abnormal, so long as both partners are willing participants.

Comfort Levels

It is important to state right off the bat that you should never do anything that you don't feel comfortable doing, especially during sex play. Similarly, you should never demand that your partner participate in something that s/he doesn't wish to do. Like many other facets of sexual interplay, however, this is one of those areas that you may have some curiosity about, even though it seems dirty or disgusting. If you're curious, read the material here and consider experimenting. You might find that you like it, and if you don't, all you have to do is not do it again, right? The important thing is to make sure that you and your partner are on the same page, and neither of you is coerced into trying it.

What is in urine?

Urine is composed chiefly of water. It contains a variety of other chemicals that are largely waste or byproducts of your body's life processes. These include such things as potassium, sodium, magnesium, and several nitrogen-based substances such as urea and creatinine. It is these last two that give urine its characteristic odor and smell. There are also trace amounts of ammonia and uric acid. None of these chemicals are present in sufficient quantities to do you any harm if you ingest them, however.

Urine also contains trace amounts of substances you ingest or consume. These might include things like sweeteners (sugars, for example), dyes from food colorings, a variety of chemicals from foods and drinks, a variety of vitamins and proteins, alcohol (if you drink), caffeine and drugs (hence the effectiveness of urine drug tests).

There should be no blood or pus in urine, nor any significant amount of sugar. If any of these are present, you should see a doctor as soon as possible (blood and pus are obvious; high concentrations of sugar suggest diabetes). In the absence of an infection or other condition, urine is sterile.

Is it safe to drink or ingest urine? What can I do to make it taste better?

Urine is safe to drink in moderation. In fact, most "survival" guides suggest that, in the absence of a potable water supply, you can drink your own urine for short periods of time. You certainly should not ingest large quantities of it, however.

Urine will taste less bitter the clearer it is, and you can keep it clear by keeping yourself hydrated. As your body tries to compensate for the lack of clean water coming into it, it will begin to burn other substances in your body to generate water. This will lead to the elimination of higher quantities of those chemicals/substances and their byproducts from your body. This will obviate itself through your urine being darker or a deeper yellow and smelling (and tasting) more putrid. If you plan to engage in pee play, drink large amounts of water before you go into your sex play.

Anything with a foul or strong taste is likely to cause your urine to be the same way. Consider asparagus for example. It is widely known that it will cause semen to taste rank, and the same is true for urine. Avoid asparagus and other “potent” foods if you're going to be playing with urine!

What can you do with urine to make sex play more interesting?

There are a variety of ways you can play with urine during sex.

One way works well with dominance/submission play, or role playing involving the humiliation of a partner. Simply having your partner on his/her knees and urinating on her/him "degrades" him/her. Of course, in order for both partners to fully enjoy this, the one being urinated on has to get off from being submissive or degraded.

The feeling of warm piss hitting your body can be erotic in and of itself, and the urine stream can be an erotic device. For example, if the female holds her legs open and allows her partner to pee on her clitoris, the sensation can be intense; perhaps even orgasmic (you may know how well a shower head works for this!). Conversely, the female can squat over an erect penis and move back and forth as she urinate s on it (it is highly unlikely you'll be able to get him off this way, though).

For many women, the feeling of urinating itself has some slightly orgasmic overtones to it. This is because the water courses through the urethra which is adjacent to the clitoral crura and nerve bundles that come down from the clitoris itself. All of these nerves intermingle to one degree or another (and this varies from one individual to the other, depending on how her body is specifically put together in that area). Many women, in fact, on approach to an orgasm will state that they feel like they need to pee. You can use this to your advantage. Hold your urine in and when you are having sex (intercourse or, if your partner's up for it, oral), and you begin to reach orgasm, just let the stream go. For many women, this will produce a very intense orgasm. Of course, you need to make sure your partner knows what is going to happen before you do it!

It is possible to urinate into the vagina or the rectum if the guy has recently had his orgasm and he's had a few minutes to relax his muscles. Peeing into the vagina and rectum is safe and will not cause any harm to the tissues or mucous membranes inside your body (ensure that both of you are disease-free, including UTIs). This will have the dual benefit of seeming like a long ejaculation for him (to a degree), while she'll be able to feel the activity inside her. If you urinate a lot of liquid, though, be careful because at some point the seal will give way and you'll get some blowback!

Most of these you can do in the shower, and that may be the best place unless you're either willing to deal with the mess, or have some plastic sheeting around to keep things dry. The shower has the added benefit of providing for immediate cleanup, since urine and all of its components are easily washed away with regular soap and water.

How can I bring the subject up or how do we get started?

You may have a curiosity about trying pee play, but believe that your partner would think you're a freak. Your partner may never consider it until you bring it up. The taboo nature of pee play is one of its more attractive qualities, so don't just automatically assume that your partner is averse to it if you're truly interested in trying it. As with any other new sex technique that you'd like to try, bringing it up is the best way to take initiative. Find some porn with pee play in it and use it to launch discussion on the subject.

If you get the chance, you might also start out watching the other person pee. For one to allow someone else to watch them do this requires a great deal of trust and an opening up of a very private act to another person. This alone can set the stage for further play in many cases. You might also consider peeing with each other, simultaneously into a single toilet (i.e., him peeing in between her legs while she’s sitting).

Alternatively, you might consider taking a shower with your partner (which, of course, can be erotic regardless of whether pee is involved). At some point, just pee in the shower (announced or not). If your partner doesn't have a negative reaction to it, move the stream so you're peeing on them. You can make it appear as an accident if you wish, especially if your partner has a negative reaction to that. For some people, playing with it in the shower goes a long way towards removing the negative stigma associated with it.

Safe Sex

Like any other bodily fluid, urine can transmit disease. If you're not 100% sure your partner is clean, you might want to give it some thought before playing. This includes urinary tract infections. If you have a UTI, your urine will carry bacteria that can transmit the infection to your partner. You should also keep in mind that, if your partner is a drug user, and you ingest some of his/her urine, you may also test positive for those same drugs (albeit in smaller quantities, of course).


The most important thing is that both partners go into it voluntarily and with an open mind. Neither of you should feel coerced into trying something you don't feel doing. That said, there's nothing harmful about playing with urine, and as long as you keep it to the shower, there's nothing really dirty about it, either.
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Rosy Glow
i have had one experience with urine, years ago with an old bf. it probably could have been more fun but i guess i got performance anxiety b/c it took forever to finally dribble it out. i think it's a little sexier if a man is doing the peeing anyway. any one else try this?
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My ex was realllly into golden showers but she was the one who wanted to get peed on-not me. No fucking way.  I'd have to drink about a gallon of ice tea to get it right. It was ok but I'd only do it in the shower with her because of the smell and the mess.
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I am really into Golden Showers, especially getting caught peeing in public, although I do not have the possibility to practice it with my present partner. Maybe one day....
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