We placed an order with Tabu Toys Saturday (as I mentioned on another post) and received immediate confirmation the order had been received. Tuesday morning (yesterday), I got an e-mail my order had been filled. This morning, I got another e-mail my order had shipped. Using the link provided, I found our order had left Jacksonville, FL at 10pm last night. We figured we would get the order tomorrow. Welllllllllll... guess what we got today???

Our order arrived...complete and as ordered! We LOVE Tabu Toys. Since most of the order is for Dreamer (I aint stupid, ya know), she is going to get it in bits and pieces...or as long as I can stand for her not to wear the wearing stuff. There will be pictures to follow...when she wears it...and if I can keep my hands off her long enough to take pictures!
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Aw, thanks Roadie and Dreamer!
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