Hank Alvarez
A husband came home after a hard day at the office and his wife was waiting for him in the driveway. That's when he remembered that it was their twenty-fifth wedding anniversary. She opened the passenger door, slid in, gave him a big wet kiss on the lops and said, "Drive."
She directed him to an exclusive gated community and ordered him to stop in front of a palatial mansion. "Who lives here?" he asked.
"We do," she answered. "I just bought it today."
All he could think of to say was, "Are you nuts? We can't afford this."
"It's already paid for," she answered.
"Where'd we get the money?" he asked.
"Well," she explained, "You know that little eccentricity of mine that when you want to have sex I charge you two dollars?"
Dumbfounded, he nodded and she said, "I've been saving up all these years and it's already paid for, free and clear."
Exasperated, he said, "Hell if I'd known that I would have given you all my business and  we could have a new car too." HHH
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