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DISCLAIMER: Please do not use flavored lubes as a substitute for salad dressing.

On Mtv's the Real World show, housemember Andrew is featured in a scene involving Wet's Kiwi Strawberry flavored lube. But, it's not what you think.

He finds a bottle of lube, samples it and suggests his housemates drizzle it on their salad because, "it's sugar free".  The interesting part was when the girls question why there's even lube in the house. One says. "I don't need it" Another says, "Isn't that for older women?"

I wonder what they'd say about condoms! Either way, nice to see adult products making their way into your living room...even if it is via Mtv.

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I hate kiwi...but strawberry works. We have only used one flavored lube. Maybe we need to do some market research?
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