What songs do you play while your doing it and which ones put u in the best mood to do it
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i know its an oldie but i love wild horses by the rolling stones just because it is such a beautiful song but i also like
here in my room by incubus
need your love so bad by fleetwood mac
i miss you by incubus
and when I'm feeling freaky i like heavy music like
This love by pantera
Fall into sleep by Mudvayne

but that's just my opinion.
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Closer: NIN
More Human Than Human: White Zombie
sometimes Beautiful People: Marilyn Manson

all straight up fucking tunes
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What happened to the romantics? Bryan Ferry, Al Greene, Marvin Gaye and Sade..
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We throw alot of parties so the music list is always a work in progress. Prince is a good ice breaker...Get off, pussy control, erotic city,..Harder stuff and techno is good for action. Daft Punk and "Closer" by NIN works like a charm.
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Early 90's Chris Isaak and the "Virgin Suicides" soundtrack is great for setting the mood. My wife and I also love Mazzy Star. "So Tonight I may see" is brilliant. (Whatever happened to them???)
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Some of the best love songs comes from Luther Vandross,Gerald Levert,and of course the one only Keith Sweat.
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"Funky Ride" and "Stanklove" by OutKast get me into that mood; those two songs remind me of someone..
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"More than words" by Extreme and a glass of wine.

Nothing better for getting her in the mood.
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