Hank Alvarez
I bought a couple of her "how to" videos and frankly what she said made a lot of sense. It's like one old country comedian once said, "It's not so much learnin' we need as remindin,'" and I agree. She's made some good points on techniques and I just wonder how the rest of you feel. She's a little less clinical than the Sinclair Institute videos, although theirs have some merit also. Hank
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Sorry...I cant help you. I have never seen any of her videos...nor any other 'instructional' videos. I have a hard enough time taking instruction when people are looking at me!
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Tabu Toypro
I may be jaded, but I welcome Nina's advice on any sexual topic. She's been a huge advocate of the adult industy for years and has been quite active in promoting healthy, sex-positive relationships. She's very intelligent and a true professional!

(I've even met her a time or two and the woman remembers your name and face over the years as if you were one of her closest friends)
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Oh my gosh.. I have to say my husband is one of her biggest fans but he is what you'd call "a butt man." We still have a Nina's Oral sex Guide that we still watch about once a year when I want to brush up my skills so to speak. It's so old it's on vhs but I always feel like I learn something new when we watch it.
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I got her masturbation guide about a while ago based on some recomendations I got here. I feel a little like a prude saying this but it was a little too advanced for me. She is very hands on! Then again I had never even seen a porno movie before and I'm from the south. She does have some very good information and seems to really know what she's talking about.
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