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Great question for the Wise Guys at Em&Lo:

This week a straight woman asks,“What is the appeal (or not) of a woman who’s completely bare down there?“

Check out their responses: Wise Guys - Bare Down There

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I wish my wife would shave. I love going down on her but bare would be so much nicer.
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P Gell
I trim and keep tidy, but am not fond of bare pussies.

I am an Em& Lo regular. Different screen name, though. They are pretty cool ladies.
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Plum Pudding
I keep mine cut low or bald. I do it some for him and also, this will be tmi, because i am on the heavyside and it cuts down on the heat and sweat.
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my wife likes me to be bald too.  It feels really nice when we are gettin it on and all you can feel is nothing between the two of us.  She also appreciates not having hair in the way of giving a blow job
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I keep mine almost bald. I leave a little at Roadies request. I don't care one way or the other if he shaves. I've had both and it just doesn't make a difference to me.
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