If only 20 years ago I would have had my head together more and on her instead of my job I wouldn't be where I am today.  We've never stopped having the feelings we had back then but we went out separate ways and both found out that we missed each other but she was stuck in a unhappy marriage which she wasn't easily going to be able to get out of. It had been six months since we had last been together, it hurt just to think about her that's how much I cared for her.  I played over in my mind each and every meeting and could almost feel her next to me as I laid here alone.  He smell is something that is embedded in my mind and anytime I catch a whiff of the perfume she ever wore I would get rock hard.

But today was a good day.  She arrived about  noon and as soon as she got the teenagers settled at the pool, she hurried to the motorhome I was in parked a couple blocks away and we feel into each others arms and had our first of I prayed many love sessions.  It was only 2 hours long but it was the most intense 2 hours either of use had spent in the last six months.  She had to go to dinner with the family and said she wouldn't be free till around midnight, but then she would again return to be with me.  I laid there for while thinking about what had just happened and then feel into a deep sleep for 3 hours.  I got up and grabbed a quick shower and decided that I better get something to eat.  There was a nice little steakhouse  a block down and I locked up the place and headed there. I ate more that I should have, not realizing just how hungry I was, then made my way back to the motorhome.  I changed the sheets and remade the bed and then went out and sat and watched a little Tv and again fell asleep on the couch. 

I was dreaming of her and when I heard the knocking on the door, I jumped up not knowing where I was.  I hurried to let her in and she jumped into my arms, her lips on mine and her tongue filling my mouth. I was fully awake in 5 seconds and my hands went to her perfectly round ass, pulling her to me.

"From the feel of you cock, I think you must have missed me.  It's only been six hours."

"I can bet if I reach inside the front of you pants and down to your pussy your as wet as I am hard."

"Your right of course, all during dinner I couldn't help thinking about this afternoon.  I had to run to the bathroom and wipe myself twice or I would have had a spot on my skirt.  Then my dad started to talk about running into you at the tract last month and my nipples got hard. He didn't think that was funny at all.  I think they know that we are going to get together sometime, thank god they don't know we already are."

"I hope that someday they will get over whatever it is they have against me.  Hell I treat you better  in the short time we are together, than you old man has the whole time you've been married to him."

"Don't worry about them, lets just enjoy the time we do have.  Someday it will all work out and then we can put up with them."

I hadn't even seen the small suitcase she had brought into the motorhome. She picked it up and said she was going to change and to lock up and meet her in the bedroom.  She picked it up, kissed me on the cheek and quickly turned before I could grab her and ran toward the bathroom.  I could help but watch her, the swaying of her ass cheek, the bounce of her long hair, it was all to much and sent a shiver down my spine.  I locked up and headed back to the bedroom but not before I got a fresh bottle of her favorite wine and a couple of glasses out to take them with me.  I lit a couple of scented candles and closed the drapes and poured some wine. I then striped down to my boxers and sat on the end of the bed and waited for her to join me. It was a good 10 minutes until the hall lit up as she opened the door then it went dark as she turned off the light. I waited and then she was standing in the doorway.  What a sight, she had on our favorite black see-though top, but now she had on a matching pair of black bikini panties that matched it almost exactly.  Her hair was down and flowing over her shoulders and she had added black mesh stockings and garter to complete the outfit.  I was instantly hard and my boxer were tented out as far as they could go. The candle light flickered off her skin giving it a glow and highlighting the twinkle in her eyes. Her breast were clearly visible and her nipples were already hard and poking points in the front of the material.

"Looks like you like the bottoms I found for this top, I wasn't sure about the stocking and garter but I liked them once I tired them on."

"That look fits you to a T. Now come over here and let me show you what I really think about it."

"Not so fast we have all night and I want to play with you and get up reved up first. So just sit then and let me have some fun first."

I couldn't argue with her and just sat there.  She slowly walked towards me swaying her hits and rubbing her hand up and down her body. I reached for her but she grabbed my hands and wouldn't let me touch her, she took one hand and sucked on my fingers as she moaned lowly rubbing her legs against my knees. When she leaned down to put my hands on the bed she rubbed breast across my face, the material was soft yet it felt like sandpaper to my skin. I stuck out my tongue and tired to capture a nipple in my mouth but she was to quick to pull away. She then kissed my forehead and slowly ran her tongue down my nose till it was at my lips. We kissed for a short while then she licked her way down my neck and over my chest, stopping to circle my nipples sending shocks thru my body. When she got to the waist band of my boxers she knelt down between my legs.  The material rubbed my inner thighs bringing goose bumps to them. 

She hooked her thumbs into the waistband and started to pull on them. I lifted my hips to help her and she slid my boxers off my waist and then down my leg. Once my cock was free and standing up against my stomach she leaned forward and slowly licked the underside from my balls all the way to the tip and around it.  She looked up at me and licked her lips and smiled and told me how good I tasted.  I wanted to reach out and take her right then but she stopped me the second she seen me move a muscle.  She leaned back and place her hands on my knees pushing my legs further apart then leaned back in and started licking all over again. I didn't think I could get and harder or bigger but with each lick I felt like I was growing. She reached up and took my cock and pulled it downward till it was pointed right at her mouth, then she leaned forward taking the head just into her mouth and running her tongue around it.  I was not shivering like it was 20 degrees below 0 but yet I was starting to sweat.

The more I shivered the more she took me into her mouth, till I could feel her nose buried in  the base of my cock. She had all of me down her throat and just stayed that way for the longest time. Her tongue would come out from the underside of my cock and lick at my balls and her hand was running up my chest till she reached my nipples and started to roll them between her fingers.  I had never felt like coming so quickly ever before in my life and she could feel it also, so she let me slip from her mouth then reached over and took her glass of wine and drank from it.

"You felt wonderful down my throat, but I think it might have excited you to much. I want you to last a little longer but don't worry, I want you to shoot in my mouth and down my throat, I want to taste you and give you the best blowjob you have ever had."

She then lifted her top over her head exposing those wonderful breast with nipple standing out a good half inch.  She then leaned forward and captured my cock between them taking a hand on the side of each one and squeezing my cock between them. She continued to titty fuck my cock, each time the head would come out the top she would suck it into her mouth and run her tongue around it.  I was once again getting close and she once again stopped and sat back to drink from her glass. I had to touch her and there was no way she was going to stop me this time.......

Just a ole hippy at heart, been around the block more that I care to think about. Lived a full life and looking to add to it. Memories are wonderful but making them is much more fun.
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After she put her drink back on the table and turned towards me I grabbed her under the arms and stood up lifting her off her feet.  I turned and dropped her on the bed which brought a small scream out of her as her arm and legs spread eagled.  I dropped between her open thighs and caught her clit in my mouth and sucked on it making he quiver and moan. She was dripping and I was ready to lap any and all of her nectar and it looked like I would be here for a good long while.  I rolled my tongue around her clit which I kept captive between my teeth as he hands came down and entwined in my hair.

"That's not fair I wasn't done enjoying you and teasing you yet."

"Lets see if you can take it as well as you dish it out"

Releasing the hold on her clit I ran my tongue first down the outside of her engorged  lips dipping into the hole slightly and then back up the other side  up and over her clit and then back down again and this time I let it run over her brown eye.  She shook totally then went stiff and I knew that she had just came for the first time, but I was just starting and there was much more I wanted to do.  Her ass was always very sensitive and I knew that it did take much playing with to get her to cum playing with it, so I started to run my tongue over her clit once again as I ran my fingers up her ass crack letting them stop and circle her rose bud which had plenty of her juices flowing onto it from above. Her legs would contract and relax  with each circle of my finger, I didn't try to enter her and waited for her to make that move. I had her legs over my shoulders and her feet were pulling me into her as hard as she could. She would shiver and shake every thirty or so second with mini cum but the big one was yet to happen and I was just content with lapping up her juices and holding on for dear life. I looker up over her belly and watch her chest rise and fall and her hands clenching the sheets in time with my tongue on her clit. Her nipple were stand up hard and dark red filled with blood and begging to be touched. I kept the one hand busy massaging her ass as I brought the other up and made a trail over her hip, then belly and then to her breast. I took it in my hand and squeezed it rubbing my thumb over her nipple then went over and did the same to the other one.

Each time I would rub across her nipple she would let out a little moan, that sounded like oh yesssssssss.  I moved one finger up and slowly enter her pussy hole  making it circle the inside as it went, as I took a nipple between my thumb and finger and rolled it between them. I got deep inside her and found her G-spot and when I did the finger that was massaging her ass hole got sucked in up to the second knuckle.  This is when she had her first big one. Her legs clamped around my head squeezing so hard it almost popped my eardrums and her hands pulled my head so hard against her crotch that I couldn't breath. She was now screaming out loud and I was lapping up as much as I could and worrying that someone might hear her from out on the street and call the cops thinking someone was being killed. I didn't stop when she came but kept doing what I was and had her coming over and over again for the next 10 minutes till she started to yell for me to stop that she couldn't take it any more. One final lick from her clit to her asshole and back up and I pulled away.  My face was covered in her juices and the end of the bed was soaked and it was even running down the onto the floor.

I sat back just watching her breathing hard like she had just ran a mile being chased but rabid dogs. Her legs muscles were flexing as were her pussy lips and she was still leaking.  It took her a good ten minute before she could speak and when she was again in control of her senses she lifted her head and smiled and thanked me. 

Just a ole hippy at heart, been around the block more that I care to think about. Lived a full life and looking to add to it. Memories are wonderful but making them is much more fun.
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Nice series.
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I refilled our glasses and set them on the table next to the bed and sat with my back against the head board as she crawl up and curled up next to me.  We talked about everything and nothing and just enjoyed being with each other. My arm was around her shoulder with my hand slowly massaging her breast and nipple.  He one hand was slowly stroking me keeping me half hard, and would every so often run her fingers over my nut sack, which would bring a shiver from me.  The sounds of the night were filtering through the window and each passing car reminded us of where we were but it didn't stop us one bit. I could hear thunder in the distance and knew that a storm would be upon us before morning.  Slowly but surely she started to stroke me with more force making my cock grow in her hand.

"I love to watch you get hard, it's like your coming alive and I am the one who has control of bringing that life back into you.  I want to feel you inside me, filling me with you girth, hitting all those special areas that haven't been touch since the last time I had you deep inside of me. You fill me like no one else can and I miss that when I can't have you. Even my toys don't give me that feeling, only you can."

She sat up and swung her leg over me sitting on my crotch. My cock was now flat against my lower belly and caught between the lips of her pussy. The wetness was coating it and she started to move her hips back and forth rubbing her clit against the head each time. The look on her face was one of pure erotica and her breathing was coming in short gasps.  I pulled her forward as I leaned in and captured a nipple between my teeth, running my tongue around it, then letting it slip threw my teeth and going right back and doing it all over again.  She slid forward till the head of my cock just entered her tunnel then lifted her hips bringing it to a upright state. She pushed me off her nipple and held me down with her hands on my chest as she lowered her self inch by inch till our pelvis were mated.  With each inch deeper into her a small moan escaped her lips, the walls of her tunnel were stretching to take me and I could feel her insides grasping around the head of my cock as it slide deeper inside of her. Then it was buried all the way and I could feel it hit the wall and she let out a gasp and started to rotate her hips in a clockwise motion making the feeling all that more intense.

She leaned forward so that she could rub her clit on me and started to pump her hips till only the head of my cock remained inside of her then she would slide back taking me slowly deep inside her and once again roll her hips. I reached under her arms and found her nipple with each hand and ran my thumb over them then pinch and pulled them to mimic her hip movement.  I was trying to keep control but I knew that this would be a quickie and that is want she wanted.  She wanted to feel me filling her deep insides with my cum, and nothing was going to stop her, but I wanted her to cum right along with me and I knew by tweaking her nipples it would take long for her to get off.

When she raised up one time I caught her and started to jack hammer up into her bring a screech out of her that could be heard outside and more than likely a block away. She stayed hung in the air and I pumped and hard and fast and deep as I could. Each time I hit bottom she would react with a shiver and small yelp. My ass was bouncing off the bed and her tits were bouncing with the same movement of my hips. I held onto her nipple stretching them and watching the joy that this was bringing to her face.  She was soaking my crotch and foam was starting to gather at the base of my cock and when she would bottom out would splash up onto my chest. Her finger were digging into my chest with each stroke and she was getting louder and louder, her eyes were starting to roll back into her head and her breathing was now coming in gasp and I knew that she would go over the edge soon so I tied to double my pace.  She felt this and her muscles started to tighten and grasp my cock to the point of almost being painful but she didn't stop and kept riding me as hard as I was driving into her.

I felt the first blast start in my nut sack and start to travel up my cock and I reached down and pulled her down onto me holding her there as the first of 6 heavy blast ripped out the end of my cock spashing the depths of her body. It started as a low moan but soon hit a high pitched yes escaping her mouth as she went stiff and straight board. Her nails racked a line down my chest and her cum flushed out from around my cock coating my balls and running down the crack of my ass.  We didn't move for a long time, both of us just stayed like me were till we could catch our breath and senses. Her muscle continued to spasms the whole time and this kept me hard and when were both regained our sense she just looked down and smiled, flexed those muscles around my cock and started to move her hips once again.  It was starting to look like it was going to be a long night.
Just a ole hippy at heart, been around the block more that I care to think about. Lived a full life and looking to add to it. Memories are wonderful but making them is much more fun.
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really nice...
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Due to her father health she has been coming to the west coast about every other month for a couple weeks at a time.  Most the time she comes alone but a few times the boys have been with her and I have gotten in the habit of taking them to the drag races with me.  They love it and so far have kept quiet around their father, he has gotten worst and is about ready to lose his job so he has been hitting the bottle more and causing hell at home for all of them.

Last weekend was the best in a long while, he dad was doing better and her brother came up the second week she was here and gave her some time to spend with just me. This coming back and forth had really taken a lot out of her and I wasn't going to push her anymore than she wanted so the first day I picked her up and just headed back to my place with the idea of just laying around the house and relaxing.  Well that was my idea, she had a completely different agenda. I should have knew something was up when I picked her up and she had a small overnight bag, she threw this in the back seat and then jumped in the front and snuggled up next to me, kissing my neck and grabbing my cock at the same time.

"Ok we have 2 days. I told my brother I needed some time off and he said say gone for as long as I need. So for the next 2 days you and I are going to do nothing but run around naked, have sex whenever and forever how long we want, and I don't plan on getting dressed, cooking, cleaning, or doing anything but being with you so I hope your ready for this."

I told her we needed to make a couple stops before we headed back to my place, she sighed and got that hurt little girl look on her face.  I then told her that she would like it and headed to the warf area of town.  We got to the Market and her eyes lit up. First we got some lobsters, shrimp, and scallops, then some veggies and fixing for salads and such. Then we head to CP Meats.  I ordered a couple of Porter House steaks, a inch and a half thick, some of their pre-made lamb Kabob's, 1/4 inch thick apple wood smoked bacon, and last but not least a mix of their famous cheese. I then headed to the liquor store, 6 bottles of red, 6 bottles of white, 4 champane and a few other things and we headed to my place. Luckily the cleaning company was there today and was just finishing up when we got there, so everything was clean and fresh, even had clean sheets on the bed which I knew wouldn't last long. It was getting close to lunch and I decided to grill up some kabobs and a small mixed salad for lunch and told her to go ahead and jump in the hot tub and relax while I got everything cooked.

I was out on the deck making sure the grill was getting hot and the cover was off the hot tub when she walked out the sliding doors, wearing my white hotel stolen bath robe and looking like a model from some movie.  She walked over to the hot tub and put her hand in the water to test it and said just right then pulled at the rope around her waist and untied the robe and let it fall to the deck. Thank God my back yard faces a National Forrest and my nearest neighbor lives over a quarter mile away because when the robe dropped she was standing then naked as the day she was born. I grew instantly hard as she stretched  with her arms above her head making her breast rise and point skyward.  I grabbed her glass of wine and walked to her and she threw her arms around me kissing me deeply, her tongue exploring the inside of my mouth, her breast crushed against my chest and her mound rubbing against my crotch. When she broke the kiss she laid her head on my shoulder and whispered in my ear.

"I'd tell you to get naked and join me but, your going to be cooking and I wouldn't want for you to rub up against the grill and burn anything.  I'll just get in and soak for a while, you cook and then we'll eat and then you can eat me for desert if you want."

If I want, I wanted to have at her right now, forget eating anything but her, but she pushed me away and quickly sat on the edge and swung her legs around and lowered herself into the bubbling water.  Now it was my turn to sigh and whimper like the lost little puppy, which brought a laugh from her.  I dropped my shoulder and turned and walked back into the kitchen.  Hoping I wouldn't cut off a finger I started to cut up tomatoes and other things and placed them in a bowel. I made up a dressing from balsamic, honey, herbs. and evoo, and mixed it and got it ready, then cut up some french bread and put it in fold to head on the grill.  I then grabbed 4 of the kabob sticks and lightly seasoned them and headed back out to the grill to throw them on.  She was laying out in the hot tub with her hair spread out over the outer edge and was humming some tune that I didn't reconize. She looked fantastic with her nipples just poking out of the water and her legs slowly  scissoring  back in forth giving me a looked at her clean shaven pussy.  This was going to be a interesting next 2 days from what I could see.
Just a ole hippy at heart, been around the block more that I care to think about. Lived a full life and looking to add to it. Memories are wonderful but making them is much more fun.
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Interesting series )) Tnx for sharing )
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