I am confused about my sexuality because it is complicated I would say I am heterosexual because I am very attracted to girls and when I watch porn I rarely watch couples sex (man with woman) I only watch solo girl masturbation or lesbian couple sex and I can't imagine having sex with men! I personally have nothing against homosexual couples but for me idea of me having sex with another man is just disgusting. But there is one big problem I was buying some sex toys for me recently (I have never bought such a things before) so I was searching for what I would like to buy and I ordered: enema, dildo vibrator, anal beads and erotic calendar with women's nude butts (I like anal) nothing too unusual for heterosexual to buy... But as I was searching for more things I found women's sex wear and... I bought some for me I do not why but idea of me fucking myself in women's sexwear made me so horny at the moment that I just had to buy it. So what in the world is wrong with me am I secretly gay, bisexual or transexual even? Maybe, maybe, but I never fantasized about me having sex with man and it just isn't my cup of tea... transexual?! I can't imagine going out in women's clothes with long hair and make-up that is just not my style. So what then why do I like wearing women's sex wear and using dildo (during masturbation) ... please help me I am so confused.
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THERE IS NOTHING WRONG WITH YOU. Butt stuff doesn't make you gay or straight. Cross dressing doesn't make you gay or straight. Cross dressers are not even the same thing as transsexuals. Everybody falls somewhere on a spectrum so don't worry about having to be branded as one thing.

I used to date a guy that loved wearing my underwear and I can assure you he had 0% interest in men. The thought of a man touching him made him want to throw up. Panties were just his particular turn on and he was totally a regular dude.
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