While browsing our friendly adult store yesterday, we saw a a lot of products that say they are made of 'Sil R Gel', especially the ones from Doc Johnson. What is this stuff? Is it a new, space-aged silicone? Does it have the same properties as silicone? Is it stuff that will not work well with silicone lube and needs water-based ones?

Any one with a clue as to what this is and would like to tell us, we would appreciate it.
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Sil A gel is a mix of Silicone and Rubber, I think. It's less quality than silicone. More porous/smelly, for sure. To be safe, only water-based lubed. The colours are pretty cool but my experience is that it causes some unpleasant burning sensations. It's a fairly common experience, too, but others like it just fine.
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Some manufacturers are really getting on the silicone bandwagon. However, you have to be just as cautious because a lot of these mass-produced toys (ahem, Doc Johnson) are actually silicone mixes. They don't bother using different molds so you may pick up traces of latex and other chems used in jelly products. Hence the name Sil A Gel. As Adriana points out - they are not the hypo-allergenic safe silicone we all know and love.

If ever you are concerned, cover the toy with a condom. And always go with water based lubricant on soft toys. My new favorite is the vegan Hydra Lube.
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