I heard that lubricant can hurt your chances of getting pregnant. is there a better product that wont interefere with my chances? My husband and I want a baby!
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According to sexuality.com personal lubricants limit the mobility of sperm which may reduce your chances of conceiving. Here's a quote:

"...most personal lubricants have a negative effect on sperm. This doesn’t mean that personal lubricants can be used as a form of contraception. Personal lubricants do not provide contraceptive protections.

But they do seem to have a negative impact on sperm, and if you’re trying to get pregnant it is best to avoid most commercial lubricants. Pre-seed is the only lubricant designed specifically not to harm sperm.

The two issues to consider from this perspective are the motility of the sperm (their ability to swim) and the longevity or viability of the sperm (basically how long the sperm is good for).

A 1996 study that was published in the International Journal of Fertility and Menopausal Studies examined the impact on sperm motility and viability from four commercially available personal lubricants (K-Y Jelly, Astroglide, Replens, and Touch) and two vegetable oil products (including Canola oil). They took samples of sperm and mixed them with the lubricants and then measured the effects at 1,15,30, and 60 minutes.

They found that all four of the commercial lubricants inhibited sperm motility by 60-100% after 60 minutes. This effect was similar to the use of nonoxynol-9, a common spermicide found in contraceptive foam and jelly.

The found that the Canola oil had no negative effects on sperm."
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Years ago when we were trying to get pregnant my doctor told me to just use saliva.
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