So what happens if you take precautions and the rubber breaks? I know, I know,  you should know your partner's HIV status on paper, but let's be can't always and alot of people don't. My question is this- hypothetically speaking, you are having sex with a person who may or not have an STD (because you don't really know) and the condom breaks. What now? Or let's say you just happen to get exposed to someone that definitely has it? What can you do? Do you douche? Or do you just have to freak out until you get your test results? I've heard that they give nurses something to prevent it when they get pricked by hiv infected needles.
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first you have to calm down and relax. Check your partners and be serious about checkin to see if they a STD. Get tested if your unsure. I've never heard of the nurse thing but I'm thinkin if there was a pill that prevented nurses from getting HiV that would be on the market...
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Good question, Nervous.  Mark Cichocki RN, an HIV/AIDS nurse educator at the University of Michigan's HIV/AIDS Treatment Program give's the following advice:

Remain calm...take a breath and relax. That will make it easier for you to make rational decisions.

If the condom breaks while you're having sex and before ejaculation, immediately stop, pull out and apply a new condom.

If ejaculation has occurred, pull out carefully.

Shower or wash your genital area thouroughly with soap and warm water.

Have a discussion with your partner. Talk about how careful each of you have been in the past. Talk about possible HIV risk factors such as a history of IV drug use, unsafe sex practices, having sex with prostitutes, etc.

Even if both you and your partner believe you have been safe in the past, get tested for HIV. Repeat that test at 6 weeks, 3 months and 6 months to allow time for the body to produce HIV antibodies if infection has occured.

Be alert for possible signs of sexually transmitted diseases or HIV such as a rash, swollen glands, fever, flu-like symptoms, pain or discharge from the penis or vagina. If you have any of these signs, see your doctor.

Important Point! - Never douche after a condom breaks...this can force infectious microbes deeper in the vagina and also causes membrane irritation, increasing the risk of disease transmission.

Important Point! - Never use contraceptive foams such as nonoxynol-9. This can irritate mucous membranes increasing the risk of infection.

To prevent the liklihood of a condom breaking:
Never wear two condoms at once. The friction can weaken the condom.

Never use oil based lubricants such as vaseline. Again this can weaken the condom.

Use lots of water based lubricant to decrease friction that may weaken the condom.

Make certain you are using proper sized condoms. There are larger and smaller sizes available for those who need them.

Never reuse a condom.

About Mark: Mark has developed and contributed to many online health education sites, providing written HIV/AIDS education material for numerous organizations locally and across the country. He also has extensive nursing experience in many specialties, providing his viewers with excellent comprehensive health education across the entire spectrum of health care.
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I've never had a condom break on me yet but i have had plenty that have got stuck inside me when he's pulled his knob out of me.

I'm on the pill but me and my bf use condoms about 80% of the time. he produces a lot of spunk so fills a condom quite full. if we dont use a condom, he'll either pull out and cum on my pubes or tummy or if im wearing a black tshirt he likes to cum on that. Else he just cums in me.
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