Is it really that bad?
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Tabu Toypro
Accidentally it can be bad. Now if you do it on purpose, make sure he likes it first and that you know what you're doing
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Hank Alvarez
The key word here is, "be gentle," at least until you find out if he likes it. In that respect communication is good and you can always ask first. For years my wife was afraid she'd hurt me but I finally convinced her that teeth are good. Dragging them gently up the shaft can be an incredible sensation. Nibbling on any part can be wonderful but if you can do it at the base where few seldom go, well let's just say,Wow! I think that is what the head of the penis is really for. This is all with the assumption that your teeth are in good shape, like fingernails, no sharp edges that will scratch or tear. Try it, he'll probably like it. Hank
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