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What's you favorite love tool and how do you like to use it?
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That would have to be my Latin King 9 incher! ¡Órale!
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I used to like the penthouse g-spotter but now I like the Candy Cane
it doesnt vibrate (its made of glass) but its so curved that its impossible NOT to find your Gspot with it. plus its really pretty.
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Well if it were just for me it would have to be this:
That's the one I keep on the nightstand cause it's quick, it's easy, baddaboom, Baddabang, I'm done!
If it were a "desert island" situation I would pick the Vibratex Pandora because my husband could use it too.
"Love is the answer, but while you're waiting for the answer, sex raises some pretty interesting questions." Woody Allen
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The Hitachi Magic Wand. I have lots of toys but I always go back to that one.
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I should say "my hubby" but if we are strictly referring to toys I would have to say the Lucky Lady Dual Stimulator. Covers all my bases (if you know what I mean!)
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3 words: MONSTER POWER BULLET. Yah baby, yah.
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This will be my favorite toy when I can afford it:

I'm sure we will be very happy together.
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Monster power bullet and the Emperor dildo.
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Fun Factory Delight is my favorite toy and my favorite vibrator.
Fun Factory Bootie is my favorite anal plug.
Fun Factory Bloomy is my favorite dildo.
Hathor Aphrodisia is my favorite lube.
NobEssence Romp is my favorite eco-friendly g-spot dildo/plug.

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I like Eroto toys its just like real touch lol
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Probably the LayaSpot or Passion Wave
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Sexorcism you have a NobEsence? ummm how is it ive been up in the air on one for a while just cause I love steel so much that I'm afraid wood won't be enough...

as far as my faves go...

Butt Plug: Njoy Pure plug2.0
Butt Vibe: Rocks Off Rude Boy
Massager: Lelo Nea
Dildo: either Njoy's perfect eleven or pure wand...

I'm a guy incase your wondering why I'm not picking more.... "girly" toys?
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