Hank Alvarez
    Your jaw is sore, your neck is tired, your shoulders hurt, your mouth is full of his cum and he's still ejaculating teaspoon quantities. When can you stop? When should you stop? This is the second part of a conversation I had with a friend over lunch that I'm making you privy to. (Some times it's really great being retired).
    Our lives curiously paralleled before we met. We were both previously married, had families and survived disastrous divorces. We both tried out a number of ladies for the Mrs. vacancies and we finally struck gold with our present wives. After I mentioned what a wise corpsman had told me when I was a young Marine, "Men are like tom cats because if we don't get it at home we'll go prowling to find it," we reluctantly agreed on that. And when it came to the subject of oral sex we both felt that if our former wives had been as good as our present mates, or at least had been willing to learn, our lives might have been much different. 
    We came to a consensus on a number of things, one of which was the fact that there is such a thing as a bad blow job. But we also agreed that all is well that ends well. We agreed that the biggest mistake most women make is when their lover starts ejaculating they think it's time to go nite nite. Unfortunately what they don't understand is what's going on inside of their lover's body.
    When a man cums it feels great but sometimes if he hasn't ejaculated for a while he can cum so hard it actually hurts. Oh, but it hurts so good. If you've ever looked at the graphs in some of the sex manuals depicting sexual climax you'll see that the lady's down slope, (after), is gentle in comparison to the man's which is pretty steep. But that's only part of the problem.
    After ejaculation the guys cock is literally electric, and I don't know another way to explain it. Every nerve on his dick is on fire and your very touch can bring anything from the giggles to deep laughter like you were tickling him mercilessly with a feather. He's still cuming. You've got him up on a cloud and you want to bring him down easy.
    Continue what your were doing, sucking, stroking and caressing his cock and balls until he melts in your mouth like warm chocolate. When he relaxes to a a flaccid state where you can touch him without his recoiling like you struck him with a hot poker you're done. And we agreed that the gals who can and are willing to do this are never forgotten. HHH
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Food for thought!
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