I remember when I was a kid
I used to play with my dick all the time
and I was messing around with it all the time. and one day I started getting that numb funny feelings
so I kept on stroking it till it popped like a volcano
shit was every where " on the wall . on the ceiling"
my dad came to the room looked at me and said damn son are u planning on being a jet pilot or what
my first girlfriend was my sweet pillow " I remember making love to it ever day and every night.
also I spent countless nights humping the bed
now nothing is working any more " I just do it on the run when I feel like it using my current girlfriend
one time though I remember fucking the family dinner .it was a beef roast.
after I came inside the roast my mom came home so I never had a chance to clean it up
I didn't really wanted to eat it but I had to, it was my first " cum roast" dinner.
and another time I remember fucking a watermelon so hard it broke and the juice was every where on the floor.
But after I saw the movie Clerks II " the donkey scene"
I do wonder how it feels like to do it with a sheep " she is kinda cute and has pretty
face and nice eyes"
I never done it though
but I do remember a guy who did it with a dog , he has to go to the hospital
because the bitch won't let go,so the guy went to jail and the dog gone to
rape counseling
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