Hank Alvarez
A beautiful tropical island would be nice, but in today's economy that might not really be practical. Have you ever thought  about the laundry room? With the kids safely locked out of the house and caged in the back yard for a quickie? Put mom on top of the washing machine with a full load in the tub on agitate or over an unbalanced spin cycle? That was a friend's favorite, of course he was well over six feet tall.

The best blow job my wife ever gave me was on a sunny mountain side, in front of God and everybody, although I'm pretty sure we were alone. Isn't it the spontaneity of it that really makes it fun? Hank
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I have been lucky enough to have some wonderful sex filled times in some out of the norm places and could tell stories about them but what I choose to relate is a place that you might think twice about not having sex at.
Being in the music biz for over 40 years I have had my share of sex with groupies, some good, some great, and of course some that I don't even want to think about.  I was doing a festival  one and got involved with this very lovely and stacked young lady of about 22. I was 19 at the time and playing keyboards for band who was pretty popular locally and was just sitting in since their regular keyboard player had crashed he car and was in the hospital.  Anyways we were opening act for a national group and did 2 sets with a 30 minute brake between them and that's when I met up with this young lady.  At the end of our second set and after we cleared out equipment off the stage it was party time.  After consuming more booze than we both should have and hitting up on  a joint a couple of time the young lady became very frisky. The stage was a raised platform about 4 ft. high and with a curtain around the bottom so no one could see under it.  This young lady dragged me under the stage as the national act was just starting their show and we sat on a 4x8 sheet of particle board. One thing led to another and next thing I know were both naked and she has me laying flat on my back paying homage to my member. That in itself was very erotic but when she got on top and started to ride me is when things went a little haywire. Every time she bounced down on me or rode me back in forth it sent splinters into my ass and back.  Luckily for me the session lasted only about 10 minutes and I couldn't get dressed and out of there quick enough. Later that night back at home, I was still living with my parents at the time. I had to wake my dad up at 3:00 a.m. because of the pain and bleeding that was occurring  from my back and ass. When I told him the story as to how it happened he  was laughing so hard I though he was going to piss himself.  He took a quick look and said that I looked like I had sat on a poricepine and that he was going to have to take me to the ER.  I threw on a robe and he made some excuse to Mom about me having cut myself and off we went to the ER.

I was the talk of the ER for years after. They removed 67 splinters from my ass and another 48 from my back.  They plastered suave on each area and then bandaged them and told me to see my family Doc, in a couple of days and to keep a eye on it  in case any infection came up. I learned a valuable lesson that one night. As we were checking out the Doctor came up and leaned down and asked me if I knew a girl by this name. Turns out she was at the other hospital in town with splinters getting taken out of her knees.  I did see her again about a month later and we just laughed and this time she told me that we were going to a hotel.
Just a ole hippy at heart, been around the block more that I care to think about. Lived a full life and looking to add to it. Memories are wonderful but making them is much more fun.
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On a boat in the middle of a lake...lol
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