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Excellent post on (Dangerous Lilly's) This Could Be Dangerous Blog called Navigating Genderqueer in Suburbia.

She brings up the question of how to address someone who is going through a MTF or FTM transition as well as genderqueer folks in public. It can be very confusing as looks are deceiving and does everyone really want you to ask them how they want to be addressed? Possibly, but that can be awkward as well if the person isn't transitioning and isn't genderqueer!

Great piece, something to really chew on... Navigating Genderqueer in Suburbia
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Hank Alvarez
This is a real tricky one and one that I think there's no safe answer to. You might want to keep the answers: yes and no without gender specification. When I was a kid I worked in an auto parts store and there was a gal who was a local center of conversation and probably ridicule that I wasn't privy to. I'd never seen her up close and she wore a man's short haircut and she drove a chopped Indian motorcycle. This was a rarity in the late fifties and why I tell people that the "good old days" are bullshit. The first time I saw her up close was from behind when I approached her in the store and she was wearing jeans, motorcycle boots and a guy's white t-shirt. Innocently, I asked, "May I help you sir?" She spun around and went off on me with a vengeance. "See these," she yelled loud enough for everyone in the store to hear, "Theres are tits. I'm a woman, you asshole." From the front she was, but from behind she was incognito and she had me fooled. Days later we happened to be at the same coffee shop and she apologized for taking out her frustrations on me but believe me it made me appreciate this problem now a days. I guess it's depending a lot on where you live. I guess there are a lot of trans gender folks running around these days and I'm just glad that I don't have to deal with them. I wouldn't want to go through that again. HHH 
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