I want to get a toy for my girlfriend, she is very shy and new when it comes to using toys and such and I am not too familiar with a lot of these

products myself.

I tried using a few of them but she didn't like them and said they felt "weird".

someone got me a giftcard for $200 to ****(REMOVED FOR SPAM LINK)****
I have purchased with that the first 3 toys I saw and she didn't like any of them,, I looked through their site and they have so many different products

my head started spinning.

Please help and tell me what I should get for her,,

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(This seems a little spammy but it's a valid question so I'll reply)

Some sites have a shitload of toys  and it CAN be confusing. I would start with whether or not your girlfriend likes internal, external or anal stimulation. Probably not anal if she's really shy.

A lot of clitoral toys are really not intimidating - try a bullet like the BNaughty or the Butterfly Kiss which is a highly rated dual stimulator but doesn't look scary. If you know she likes internal stimulation, why not try a slimline vibe? A little more phallic but still not intimidating.  If she has no idea, maybe one of each type, but don't spend a fortune until you know what she likes.

Of course, I'm focusing on vibrators but what toys -did- you try?
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We will not remove the spam posting above since Adriana was thoughtful enough to reply with legitimate suggestions. However, "Dollsandtoys" has been warned.
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