when you put on sexy underwear, who is it REALLY for?
Yourself or your partners benefit or are you havng an affair
I've been with my gf for 2 1/2 yrs, the sex has slowed down but now shes wearing this stuff for the first time. Its making me horny but she doesnt want to have sex. dont get it
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maybe she does it for herself but i know when i wear sexy underwear all day at work when i go to the bathroom it makes me think of how much it is gonna turn my man on to see them on me and what not so when i get home and take my pants off hes sees them and he knows that we are about to fuck so thats why i wear sexy underwear.
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For me the sexy undies just feel good. I know Roadie likes them, but a lot of the time I just linger in the sexy way they make me feel. I'm especially fond of animal print with lot's of cleavage and it's even better if the shirt I'm wearing shows a little of the bra. The thought of wearing sexy undies just makes me all wet...lol.
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