So me and the wife go to the beach every summer to relax and no different this year we just got back yesterday. Me and my wife ran into 2 black guys while on the beach really cool guys so we hung out with them for a while even ended up getting something to eat with them and ended up at a local club with them after. We were all pretty drunk at the end of the night and when we were heading back to our room we never realized the 2 black guys room was 3 doors down from ours the whole time! We all talked for a while and one of the guys asked to talk to me outside for a minute. He basically apologized then said he couldn't help it he had to ask what i would think if he took my wife for a few hours. I talked to my wife about it and found that she had always wanted to experience being with a black guy and something about really turned me on not to mention i saw a box of Trojan Magnum condoms in the guys room and my wife is little. I decided to let her go for it to have the experience so off they went to his room and the other guy stayed with me for a few hours until they were done. 30 minutes or so in i couldn't help it i had to hear what was going on so i start towards their room and before i even get to the door i hear my wife almost screaming and moaning very loud much more than i had ever heard from her and then SMACK! SMACK! SMACK! SMACK!! he was fucking the hell out of my wife and when she finally returned to our room she was covered in sweat her hair all messed up and she was walking really funny. She passed smooth out and the next morning we left for home but before we did we went to tell the guys bye and right in front of me she walked into the bathroom with the black guy and in no time flat he has her bent over the sink the crotch of her panties over he right ass cheek just fucking her senseless it was so damn hot to see and i couldn't believe she could take every inch of his dick he was at least 8 inches much bigger than me. I used to be a little embarrassed with my dick size but my wife always seemed to love it and she had told me many time size is way overrated but seeing my wifes reaction to his big dick made me realize she straight up lied to me lol. Anyways after we ended up leaving for home but it was a crazy trip! This was right before we met the 2 black guys

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I need a vacation!!!![cool]
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Hot - hot - hot
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