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This unintentionally funny news article from Jackson, Mississippi’s WLBT does little to challenge the stereotype of Southern sexual repression. Clutch your hanky as intrepid news reporter Kandiss “Crone” goes undercover to expose an adult novelty store maliciously selling adult consenting broad daylight!

"As soon as the sale was completed, our team walked back into the store to confront owner Charles Hobby -- this time with cameras rolling.

Kandiss: "Hi, Charles, I'm Kandiss Crone from WLBT. I understand this business was raided for selling sex toys illegally. I just purchased this sex toy, and it is still illegal to sell them in the state of Mississippi. Even though you were raided last year and you're still selling them, what is your response to that?"

Hobby: "Where did you buy it at?"

Kandiss: "I bought it here. I just walked in about five minutes ago and I bought this. Don't you know it's illegal to sell these?

Hobby: "That's not one of the required items listed as being prohibited."

But in fact, it is. Section 97 of Mississippi State Law prohibits the sale of such 3-dimensional devices like the one we were sold.

Hobby: "That's not a sex toy"

Kandiss: "What would you call this then? It's a personal vibrator."

Hobby: "It can be put on your arm, your neck, your leg if it's hurting or anything. It's just a vibrator."

JPD Assistant Chief Lee Vance issued the following statement:

"The adult store is not a priority for our vice and narcotics officers. We will do the best we can. Citizens would rather see us using our resources to get drugs and prostitutes off our streets and work to decrease violent crime. "

And don't miss the reader responses, like this gem:

“This is sick. 

I mean not the selling of sex toys, but the ridiculous righteous pride you project in your heroic quest to vanquish the vibrators that are corrupting our youth. Ms. Crone, did you even get that the Chief Vance's reply was basically him talking to you like you're an idiot? 

Well, guess what, the U.S. Court of Appeals for the Fifth Circuit ruled Texas's ban on sex toys was unconstitutional. And guess, furthermore, what state falls under the Fifth Circuit's jurisdiction? Mississippi. Story now redundant.

By the way, you're sure as hell not on *my* side.”


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I thnk I've heard this but it still makes me laugh
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