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 What kind of vibration do you prefer in your sex toy? 74  votes

 None 4 votes
 Low 4 votes
 Medium 12 votes
 High 29 votes
 Do I really need a man? 25 votes
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While most women enjoy vibration, every woman has very different ideas of how much vibration feels pleasurable. What do you prefer?
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i actually dont like vibration that much!
i just want it to feel real 
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I want it to make the windows rattle.
"Love is the answer, but while you're waiting for the answer, sex raises some pretty interesting questions." Woody Allen
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i prefer it always on high
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Well, I usually go with a higher setting but I am more of a pressure loving gal, really.
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High! With lots of motion!
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Powerful, deep, low hum vibrations. High whine don't do much for me at all.
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Rosy Glow
i like those escalating toys! or the kind that have a bunch of different patterns. when you don't know what's next - that's the good stuff for me.
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I don't use vibrations much, but when I do I prefer high vibes.
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  I prefer the highest vibes. I start out slow & low but high vibes & pressure in the end will do it every time. ;D
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