Never 14 votes
 No, but I would if I could 8 votes
 Yes (but I regret it.) 7 votes
 Often 12 votes
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Have you cheated? Does your husband know?
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I never have but I've never found myself in a situation where I've been approached by anyone more attractive than my husband either. If David Beckham wanted to have a go..who knows?
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I cheated on my ex after he did the same to me but it didn't make me feel any better. I would never cheat on my current bf but its a totally different relationship.
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I'm currently in an open relationship with my partner so I don't know if it could really be construed as "cheating" per say. We are very honest about it.
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I cheated on my husband for about a year.  Then I got sloppy and he found out.  I found that I would do things with my lover that I would never do with my husband.  I often travel to another state, and have found someone there that I thing will do wonders for me.   My husband has no urge to learn something new.  He has no urge to have oral and I find that I need oral. 
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I used to be faithful as a nun until I found out that ALL men cheat. If a man isn't cheating its only because the right opportunity hasn't presented itself yet.
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I feel guilty if I even have a naughty dream about a different guy! I could never go through with it in real life but sometimes it can be a fun fantasy.
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I was in a relationship with my daughters father for about four and a half years. Out of that, I cheated on him with my current friend for about 3 of those years. I left my current friend for my daughters father and ended up with with my current friend anyway. Sometimes you want something differant,But in the end your heart wants what it wants and now I'm happy and not cheating!! :-*
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i did it when i found out he was cheatin on me
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When I was 33 and my ex husband and I were seperated and I thought it was totally over, I had sex with a 25 year old friend of ours....or at least it was my friend and his aquaintence. I paid dearly for it for about 10 years since we did get back together and every fight we had he called up the incident.
I am normally a true blue wife and I would never cheat on Roadie. At the time this happened I was very unhappy with an alcoholic husband who was verbally and emotionally cruel and eventually physically abusive.
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Hank Alvarez
Ladies: let me ask you an honest question- if you're happily married, to your husband, do you think it's normal behavior to cheat? I'm not talking about something you fantasize or day dream or something extra in an open marriage. Hank
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Everyone cheats - or they would cheat if they had the opportunity. The thing is - that actually it's not natural for anyone to be with only one person, we all want more then one person - but once you can't have it because you are "married" or "have a boyfriend/girlfriend", then a kind of frustration arises sooner or later.

Why would you get hurt at all - or why would you ever let "cheating" happen - why not just be open all the time and commit to no one completely. Love more people, have more relationships, do what you really want, and who cares what society thinks. Women are in a really really bad situation, because men view them as property. But that's just my opinion...
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Tabu Toypro
Jack wrote:

Women are in a really really bad situation, because men view them as property. But that's just my opinion...

You know - I'd say a lot of women feel they own their men more than the other way around. Chicks are crazy. No offense, I am a chick. But damn, some chicks are crazy.
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