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So apparently Meryl Streep and Sandra Bullock tied for a Golden Globe award the other night. And then Sandra B open mouthed kissed Ms Streep...what was that supposed to be? A tie breaker? I haven't seen it because it's been pulled due to copyright violations, but I'm already yawning...

But back to the point. It's still fine for women to neck with other women on tv but what would the reaction have been if say, Robert Downey Jr and the guy who plays Watson (in the new Sherlock Holmes) were to have tied and locked lips? Would there have been the same uproar as Adam Lambert got during the AMAs? Wasn't there talk about them playing up the whole homosexual innuendo a little too much?

I am over the paranoia, people. Let's lay off the same sex kissing crisis and move on.
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P Gell
I agree......Yawn.

If one is a lesbian, cool. Kiss all ya want. But, the whole, "look how liberated and open & awesome I am, I'm het, but I can kiss a chick! LOOK LOOK LOOK LOOK!.........Are you looking? LOOK!"

Ug. most of us (who are awesome LOL) are way past that, if we are hetero chicks.

Meryl, *sigh*
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Jude Law

I wouldn't mind seeing him kiss a pretty boy but not Downey, just saying
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